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Discography, Part 2:

The Rarities

This page attempts to list all Walk the Moon songs (including digital-only "singles," soundtrack contributions, collaborations with other artists, and obscurities from their early career) that have never seen wide release on any of their readily-available studio albums on CD. Obviously, it's a work in progress!

Items in this discography page are listed in ascending chronological order of earliest known release. In the interest of conciseness and clarity, subsequent versions of the same songs are grouped together, and this guide omits early versions of songs like "Jenny" that did ultimately see release on an RCA album.

I dream that RCA eventually releases a compilation CD of Walk the Moon's post-2012 non-album tracks, à la Green Day's Shenanigans or Sugar's Besides, and that the band's early self-released material from pre-2012 is someday reissued. In the meantime, we'll do the only thing we can do: Wait, and pick up the pieces!

[Walk the Moon (1987) album cover]

And speaking of obscure rarities: Our "Walk the Moon" has nothing to do with another band named "Walk the Moon" that featured Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider! This group released a single album on MCA in 1987 (reviewed here), then dissolved.


[WM album cover]

2007-06 self-released album: WM
(Good Catch Records, no number).

Title Writers CD Release
Stunning, Honey (Please Stay) (Presumably N. Petricca) WM
  • Later featured on The Other Side (2009).
Anthem " "
  • Later featured on The Anthem EP (2008).
Ball & Chain " "
  • A prelude of this song was later featured on The Other Side (2009).
New Day Rising " "
Candycane Jane " "
  • Later featured on The Other Side (2009).
Last Dance " "
It's All in Your Mind " "
Never " "
Ease the Craving " "
  • Later renamed "Sirens" and featured on The Other Side (2009).
Not for Any Woman " "
  • Later renamed "San Augustine" and featured on The Other Side (2009).
Entropy " "
  • Later featured on The Other Side (2009).

The 11 songs above made their debut on Wicked in the Mix's self-released 2007 CD WM, along with an early version of "Jenny" that was the only song of this era to survive onto a major-label release. This consists of the earliest known released material by the band that would eventually evolve into Walk the Moon. The WM CD saw very limited release, and is basically unobtainable new or used.


[Anthem album cover]

2008-03-06 self-released EP: The Anthem EP
(No label name or number).

Title Writers CD Release
Stone Cold Fox (Presumably N. Petricca) Anthem EP
Angeline " "

The above two songs made their first appearance on The Anthem EP, the group's first release under the "Walk the Moon" name. The track listing was rounded out with new versions of "Anthem" and "Jenny." Good luck finding a copy of this.


[The Other Side album cover]

2009-03-09 self-released album: The Other Side: B-Sides and Rarities
(No label name or number).

Title Writers CD Release
La La Metropolitan (Live) (Presumably N. Petricca) The Other Side
House Burning Down (Rough Cut) " "
The Autopilot (Live) " "
For All We Know (Live) " "
The Ballad of Sebastian Jackson " "
Break a Heart " "
Flying Through Red Lights " "
Long Shadow " "

The Other Side: B-Sides and Rarities is a hilarious misnomer of a title. Not only was this the first full-length CD released under the "Walk the Moon" name, but the eight tracks above had never seen prior release in any form, B-side or otherwise! The Other Side featured 14 songs altogether, the other 6 of which had appeared previously on WM.


[I Want! I Want! album cover]

2010-11-16 self-released album: I Want! I Want!
(Anna Sun Music, UPC 659696232723).

Title Writers CD Release
The Liftaway N. Petricca I Want! I Want!
  • Live version featured in iTunes Festival: London 2012; no physical release.
I Want! I Want! N. Petricca, A. Galvin, N. Lerangis, A. Reifsnyder "
Blue Dress N. Petricca, A. Galvin, N. Lerangis, A. Reifsnyder "
Me + All My Friends N. Petricca, A. Galvin, N. Lerangis, A. Reifsnyder "
William Blake (Unlisted) (Presumably N. Petricca) "

I Want! I Want! is probably the most attainable of the band's obscure pre-major label releases, although a physical copy is still liable to cost a fan a pretty penny if and when it turns up. Walk the Moon was fine-honing its material and gearing up for the major labels at this point. Six of the album's eleven tracks were re-recorded for the group's self-titled RCA debut in 2012 (including "Jenny" and their first tangible hit, "Anna Sun"), leaving the five songs above to languish in obscurity. In 2022, a version of "William Blake" resurfaced on a limited-edition tenth-anniversary vinyl reissue of Walk the Moon.


[single cover]

2012-04-21 single: "Anna Sun"
(RCA 88691-96423-7).

Title Writers CD Release
Anyway I Can N. Petricca, E. Maiman, K. Ray, S. Waugaman Walk the Moon (deluxe), RCA 88883-73271-2
  • Also available on the 12" vinyl "Tightrope EP" (RCA 88765-44902-1).

Although Walk the Moon's signing to a major label meant that their material was now accessible to an international audience, it wasn't the end of rarities. As a 2012 Record Store Day promotion, RCA issued a 45 rpm single of "Anna Sun" with an unreleased B-side (inexplicably omitted from the companion Anna Sun EP CD). The song was included as a bonus track on the subsequent Tightrope EP and deluxe issue of the self-titled album, discussed below.


[single cover]
[Iron Man 3 album cover]

2013-01-22 EP: "Tightrope"
(RCA 88765-44902-1, no CD release).

2013-04-30: Iron Man 3 (Music Inspired by)

Title Writers CD Release
Tête-à-Tête N. Petricca, E. Maiman, K. Ray, S. Waugaman Walk the Moon (deluxe), RCA 88883-73271-2
Drunk in the Woods N. Petricca, E. Maiman, K. Ray, S. Waugaman "
Burning Down the House D. Byrne, C. Frantz, J. Harrison, T. Weymouth "
  • Live cover of the 1983 Talking Heads hit.

Walk the Moon's 2013 follow-up single "Tightrope" coincided with yet another vinyl collector's product, this time a 12" release containing "Anyway I Can," two alternate versions of "Tightrope," and the above unreleased tracks. Later that year, Walk the Moon's self-titled album was reissued in Australia and Oceania as a deluxe edition including the entire Tightrope EP and an alternate version of "Shiver Shiver," counting up 7 bonus tracks. (Why this edition couldn't have been made more widely available is anyone's guess.)

Title Writers CD Release
Big Bad Wolves N. Petricca, E. Maiman, K. Ray, S. Waugaman Iron Man 3, Hollywood D0018723-92


[Talking is Hard album cover]

2015-06-23 album: Talking is Hard (deluxe)
(RCA 88875-06939-2).

Title Writers CD Release
Boyfriend N. Petricca, E. Maiman, K. Ray, S. Waugaman, B. O'Brien Talking is Hard (deluxe), RCA 88875-06939-2
  • Also featured on Different Colors EP (2015); no physical release.
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) D. Byrne, C. Frantz, J. Harrison, T. Weymouth "
  • Live cover of the 1983 Talking Heads hit.

Predictably, Walk the Moon's next album was once again released in a "deluxe" incarnation arbitrarily restricted to a single world market (Europe this time). Three bonus tracks were included, one of which was a live version of "Shut Up and Dance" also included on the song's CD single release.

[Different Colors EP cover]

2015-12-04 EP: Different Colors
(No physical release).

Title Writers CD Release
It's Your Thing R. Isley, O. Isley, R. Isley None
  • Cover of the 1969 Isley Brothers hit.

2015's Different Colors EP had the dubious distinction of being the band's first "digital-only" extended-play without any physical-media release at all; not even a vinyl collector version. Its contents consisted of three versions of the eponymous song (two of which were remixes), "Boyfriend," and the previously-unreleased "It's Your Thing." Proceeds from the EP benefited the Human Rights Campaign.


[You Are Not Alone LP cover]

2016-02-26 double-LP: You Are Not Alone: Live at the Greek
(RCA 88985-30157-1, no CD release).

2016 was another frustrating year for physical media connoisseurs. The band's live double album saw its only physical release as a collector-oriented vinyl LP set, with no CD version. The album contained extended intros and on-stage banter between songs that were tabulated in the digital release as individual tracks; however, all the selections were drawn from Walk the Moon's first two RCA albums. Walk the Moon also continued its trend of contributing songs to soundtracks, and started collaborating on other artists' recordings:

[Single cover]
[55 LP cover]
[Ghostbusters LP cover]

2016-05-19 Steve Aoki & Boehm single: "Back 2 U" (no physical release).

2016-07-08 Knocks album: 55 (Big Beat/Atlantic).

2016-07-15 album: Ghostbusters (RCA 88985-32812-2).

Title Writers CD Release
Back 2 U (feat. Steve Aoki & Boehm) S. Aoki, A. Craciun, C. Cunningham, N. Furlong, M. Malouf, A. Maniscalco None
Best for Last (feat. the Knocks) N. Petricca, R. Crane 55 (Big Beat/Atlantic 550619-2)
Ghostbusters R. Parker Ghostbusters (RCA 88985-32812-2)
  • Cover of the 1984 Ray Parker Jr. hit, theme to the 2016 version of the film of the same name.


[J'Ouvert LP cover]

2017-02-03 Wyclef Jean album: J'Ouvert
(E1 EOM-CD-8826).

Title Writers CD Release
Holding on the Edge (feat. Wyclef Jean) W. Jean, M. Melson, N. Petricca J'Ouvert (E1 EOM-CD-8826)


[Single cover]

2018-09-21 Morgxn single: "Home"
(no physical release).

Title Writers CD Release
Home (feat. Morgxn) M. Karr, R. Marrone, C. Andersson, E. Getz None?
  • Peak position (US): Adult Alternative #9, 2019-03-30.

In fall of 2018, Walk the Moon collaborated with fellow queer musician Morgxn on his charting hit "Home." The version of "Home" appearing on Morgxn's Vital CD (Wxnderlost/Hollywood D0028782-02), however, does not feature Walk the Moon. As if that wasn't confusing enough? The vinyl LP version of Vital (D0030610-01) does reportedly contain the Walk the Moon version!


[Single cover]
[Single cover]
[Single cover]

2019-01-11 single: "Timebomb."
2019-06-27 single: "Eat Your Heart Out."
2019-08-26 single: "Lose You Again."
(No physical releases.)

Title Writers CD Release
Timebomb N. Petricca, J. Alan, O. Holter See below
  • Also distributed in an digital package with three alternate versions of the song.
  • Peak position (US): Alternative #13, 2019-03-02.
Eat Your Heart Out N. Petricca, E. Maiman, K. Ray, S. Waugaman, J. Ryan None
Lose You Again (feat. Bråves) N. Petricca, E. Maiman, K. Ray, S. Waugaman, I. Koren, J. Humphrey, T. Koren None

In 2019, Walk the Moon began teasing fans with a series of digital-only singles, seemingly slated for a forthcoming album with a tentative late 2019 or 2020 release. This album ended up never happening as such: The COVID-19 pandemic caused the studio sessions to be shelved before more than half a record was complete, then the fallout over Kevin Ray caused the band to scrap or re-record their pre-existing material entirely, leaving these 2019 singles orphaned in perpetuity.

"Timebomb" was well-received and did credibly on the charts, in spite of the lack of any companion album or physical release. As far as I know, it's appeared on a CD exactly twice: Once on a British CD-R DJ promo series, and once on a possibly-bootleg Polish compilation. It's a surprise that the song never surfaced on a readily-available "Now"-type CD.


[Single cover]

2021-12-20 single: "Win Anyway."
(No physical release).

Title Writers CD Release
Win Anyway N. Petricca, E. Maiman, S. Waugaman (and cowriters?) None
  • From the animated film Rumble.

After recouping from its crises in 2020 and delivering the excellent Heights album the following year, the remaining members of Walk the Moon returned to soundtrack work in late 2021 with "Win Anyway." Not only was the song not included on Heights, but it appears that the Rumble soundtrack doesn't yet have a physical media release at all. May the next year bring us new music and new CDs!

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