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Q: Who are you?

A: Hi! My name is Andrew Turnbull. This is my corner of the web.

[Andrew Turnbull]

I am a secular humanist, a gay man, and an atheist. I have many interests, but some of the strongest are photography, music, local history, cycling, social justice, and the act of organizing information.

[Map of places past]

Since escaping small-town life in 2003 I've moved to a succession of cities, each of which (save Thunder Bay) was bigger than the one before. I came to Canada in 2017, pursuing a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science.

Q: How come you no longer live in West Virginia?

A: This is why. This is why, too. And so is this.
Don't get me wrong: There are qualities I miss about the state, and I'm proud of its origins. And I'll happily move back there as soon as I can live there without attracting the ire of angry white gun owners, they're teaching actual science in science classes, there's a transgender lesbian atheist woman of colour serving openly in the House of Delegates, and the state's carbon footprint is at zero. Unfortunately...I don't expect to live that long.

Q: How can I contact you electronically?

A: You can e-mail me feedback and other correspondence here. It's great to hear from people, so thanks! My AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ handles were andrewt3660 and 300868519 (before AIM and ICQ died, that is), and I may be found on Flickr and Twitter.

Q: Are you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, GitHub, or Grindr?

A: No.

Q: Do you own a smartphone?

A: No. I already have a proper cell phone, and a computer. I don't want a horrible, locked-down bastardization of the two.

Q: How did you create this site?

A: I code all HTML and CSS by hand using a text editor. For those looking for a tool to do the same, I recommend Notespad for Windows XP and earlier and Notepad++ 6.6.6 for Windows 2000 and later.

Apart from a tiny bit of PHP, this is an entirely static site. It's self-contained, archivable, and completely JavaScript-free. Technologically, it's as safe as milk as they come. All content hosted here should be fully accessible in any standards-compliant non-Chrome browser of the last umpteen years, including those capable of running on Windows 95 and Mac OS 9. I'd be unhappy if this wasn't the case.


Q: How long has your site been online?

A: The Andrew Turnbull Network first went live on 23 December 2002...on GeoCities!

Q: Why haven't you updated [page] since [long-ago year]?

A: Likely because the topic no longer excites me, sad to say.

Q: I'm completely disoriented. Do you have a site map available?

A: Yes! Here it is.

Q: I'd like to reproduce one of your photographs [on a website/in a book/in a documentary]. May I do so?

A: I'm glad you asked! Here are my general guidelines...

This applies only to original photographs, of course. If the image is historical, I can neither grant nor deny permission.

Q: I'd like to pay you $50 to add a couple of links on this page.
or, I was wondering if you would consider placing a text advert on your site.
or, Please consider adding a link to [random scummy website] to the resources on your web page.

A: No! I'm not interested in implementing any advertising or affiliate-link garbage on your behalf.

Q: Can you tell me who [random, decades-old licence plate] was issued to?
or, Do you have any [random state or province's] plates to sell or trade?
or, Do you know how much [random physical object] is worth?
or, Will you buy [random physical object] from me?
or, Will you be in attendance at the [event I never intended to go to] in [place 1500 kilometres away from where I actually live]?

A: No. Sorry.

Q: Why do you only reply in the middle of the night when I am never online? (Yes, someone actually said this.)

A: Because e-mail is not a phone call, and it's completely irrelevant which hour you send a message in when you don't expect a reply for at least a day or two anyway.

Q: how can u buy a sticker there no check out on this website (Yes, someone actually said this.)

A: You can't. Because I have nothing for sale!

Q: Hi,i need to know,not in the car plates in combination Grooved car title? Because i have got plate from oregon,, 708-BFK and plate is from ford taurus...and f=ford.....and i have got plate from wisconsin EY6288 is from dodge ram,,,, and e=dodge.... (Yes, someone actually said this.)

A: What the...? What are you trying to say? I can't even...

Q: Could you explain to me how Windows 95 works? (Yes, someone actually said this.)

A: No.

Q: What is a practical goal that society should work to achieve?

A: The abolition of immigration controls. Your country of citizenship should not be dictated by the luck of where you were born.

Q: What's your favourite band these days?

A: Walk the Moon. What's not to like? They're guys my age who like the same New Wave influences I do!

Q: Won't you tell me anything else? There's so much I want to know.

A: Sorry. That's all for now...:-)

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