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Release date (US): November 23, 1999.

[Third Eye Blind - Blue front cover]
Front cover (62415-2 variation 1)
[Third Eye Blind - Blue back of booklet]
Back of booklet (62415-2 variation 1)
[Third Eye Blind - Blue back cover]
Back cover (62415-2 variation 1)
[Third Eye Blind - Blue European front cover ]
Front cover (7559-62415-2)
Note the larger lettering.
[Third Eye Blind - Blue LP label]
Label (62415-1)
[Third Eye Blind - Blue LP back cover]
Back cover (62415-1)

Track listing:

  1. Anything (2:00)
  2. Wounded (4:51)
  3. 10 Days Late (3:05)
  4. Never Let You Go (3:57)
  5. Deep Inside of You (4:10)
  6. 1000 Julys (3:53)
  7. An Ode to Maybe (2:36)
  8. The Red Summer Sun (5:25)
  9. Camouflage (4:45)
  10. Farther (3:45)
  11. Slow Motion (4:33)
  12. Darkness (5:10)
  13. Darwin (3:49)

Produced by: Stephan Jenkins, the Mud Sisters, Arion Salazar and Third Eye Blind
Mixed by: Tom Lord-Alge; "Camouflage," "Farther," "Darkness" mixed by Jason Carmer; "The Red Summer Sun" mixed by Toby Wright
Engineered by: Jason Carmer and Mike Cresswell
Mastered for CD by: Brian Gardner (Bernie Grundman Mastering)

Recording location: The Mud Room and Toast Studios, San Francisco; The Plant, Sausalito, Calif.

Lineup and other musicians: Stephan Jenkins (vocals, guitars, percussion, keyboards), Kevin Cadogan (guitar, vocals, electric sitar, piano), Brad Hargreaves (drums, piano, vocals), Arion Salazar (bass, vocals, guitar, theremin, Optogan, keyboards); Caitlin Cornwell, Ledisi, Teal Collins, Mauri Skinfull, Chris Manning, and the Golden Gate Boys Choir (vocals), Marc Capelle (piano, clavinet), D.J. Chutney (tamboura box), Marika Hughes (strings), Carla Kihlstedt (strings), Ben Kramer (trumpet)


Recorded under a deadline and released when the band was at their tip of popularity, Blue may have something of a reputation of a flawed album in some quarters, a reputation that is ill-deserved. This album is actually a fine piece of work, with a dark, energizing feel that permeates the songs like an unforseen force. "Never Let You Go" may have pigeonholed the band into being something it wasn't, but in the context of the album it's just one (gloriously catchy) statement out of many. Several of the songs on this record (such as "Darkness") may be among the best the band ever did, and the rest of it isn't too shabby either. These factors propel Blue into the distinction of being my favorite Third Eye Blind album, and one of my favorite albums of any kind released in the last ten years.


LP Elektra US 62415-1 1999
2-record set. Confirmed with "Slow Motion" as first track on side 4.
CD Elektra US/CDN 62415-2 1999
Version of "Slow Motion" is an instrumental with chorus, as track 11; RE-1 in matrix; "hidden" solo begins 18:49 into Darwin.
CD Elektra US 62415-2 2000
Version of "Slow Motion" is a complete instrumental, as track 13; RE-2 in matrix; "hidden" solo begins 4:37 into Slow Motion.
CD Elektra UK/EU 7559-62415-2 2000
"Slow Motion" is uncensored.
CD Elektra JPN AMCY-7100 1999
Contains "New Girl" as bonus track.
Cassette Elektra US 62415-4 1999
With "Slow Motion" as instrumental with chorus as the third song on side 2.
Cassette Elektra US 62415-4 2000
With "Slow Motion" as a complete instrumental as the last song on side 2.

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