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A Geffen Records Discography

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"What is this?," you ask. And, "Why Geffen?" Those are both good questions. Good questions command a story...and this page was one of the first and oldest features I ever published on the web.

When I was in high school many years ago, I started ammassing a CD collection. My focus was on music, not on corporate names, so collecting or concentrating on a specific label was never my original intention. Nevertheless, I was obsessed with tracking and organizing the collection...and I always made a point of noting the label and catalogue number of each CD. (It was probably a foregone destiny that I would pursue library science.)

As for Geffen, I thought of it as a "hard rock" label that had propelled Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, and Aerosmith to chart successes in the late '80s and early '90s. I also knew it as the company that had sued Neil Young for making "unrepresentative music." The label appeared to have had a relatively brief existence compared to decades-old stalwarts like Columbia or Warner Bros. All of their catalogue numbers appeared to be in the 24000s, and I naturally assumed that releases had started at 24001. But was there more to the story than that?

One day, I borrowed the Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records from the local library. Browsing through, I was intrigued by how many "legacy artists" had released albums on Geffen in the early 1980s: Joni Mitchell, Elton John, Donna Summer, and (tragically) John Lennon. This clashed with my presumption that it had always been a "hard rock" label. The numbering also turned out to be more complex than I expected: There was a 2000 series and a 4000 series predating the 24000-series numbers I was familiar with. How did these systems work together? What secrets about the label's operational history and artist roster would I discover if I wrote down as many of these numbers as I could and tried to put them in order?

After weeks in 2003 of surveying record collections and combing the web for leads, I took my notes, sat down at the computer, and got to work cranking out the first (very incomplete) draft of what you see here. There was far less discographical information on the web in 2003 than there is now, so I felt as if I was blazing a new trail...and soon, the list was done to the end of the vinyl era. It mostly stayed that way until 2019, when I spontaneously decided to dust off the page and finish it off for good.

This discography covers the Geffen and DGC labels, as well as Def American and Reunion issues included within the regular series. LP numbers are given through the end of the vinyl era (1989/90) and CD numbers are given afterward; self-titled records are indicated with a period (.) for no particular reason. To err is human, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, and there are bound to be mistakes lurking below...but please feel free to submit corrections.

In the beginning...

The Geffen label made its debut in September 1980 with the release of "The Wanderer," the lead-off single from the forthcoming Donna Summer album of the same name; the album itself followed a month later. Though ostensibly an independent label, Geffen Records relied upon Warner Bros. Records for financing and distribution throughout its first decade of existence...a fact that manifested itself in its catalogue numbering system.

In 1980, Warners used a "BSK" prefix to indicate albums with a $7.98 list price and "HS" to indicate highline $8.98 albums. Since Geffen's slate of new releases was dominated by hyped records from big-name artists, they invariably fell into the $8.98 category. A "G" for Geffen was tacked on, creating a "GHS" prefix. (Warners' "M5" prefix for cassettes similarly became "M5G" for Geffen.) "GHSP" releases were pricier still, and listed at $9.98.

Although Geffen singles were interspersed in the same numbering series as other WB-affiliated labels, Warners made the effort to allocate Geffen its very own series for albums starting at the number 2000...a number that would lead to issues a few years down the road.

Label Number Artist Title Year Notes
Geffen GHS 2000 Summer, Donna Wanderer, The 1980
Geffen GHS 2001 Lennon, John & Yoko Ono Double Fantasy 1980
Geffen GHS 2002 John, Elton Fox, The 1981
Geffen GHS 2003 Quarterflash . 1981
Geffen GHS 2004 Ono, Yoko Season of Glass 1981
Geffen GHS 2005 Summer, Donna . 1982
Geffen GHS 2006 Hagar, Sammy Standing Hampton 1981
Geffen GHSP 2007 (Original cast) Dreamgirls 1982
Geffen GHS 2008 Asia . 1982
Geffen GHS 2009 Hiatt, John All of a Sudden 1982
Geffen GHS 2010 Copeland, Greg Revenge Will Come 1982
Geffen GHS 2011 Gabriel, Peter Security 1982
Geffen GHS 2012
Geffen GHS 2013 John, Elton Jump Up! 1982
Geffen GHS 2014 Gurvitz, Adrian Classic 1982
Geffen GHS 2015 Preview . 1983
Geffen GHS 2016
Geffen 2GHS 2017 (Original cast) Cats 1981 2 LPs
Geffen GHS 2018 Young, Neil Trans 1982
Geffen GHS 2019 Mitchell, Joni Wild Things Run Fast 1982
Geffen GHS 2020 (Original cast) Little Ship of Horrors, The 1982
Geffen GHS 2021 Hagar, Sammy Three Lock Box 1982
Geffen GHS 2022 Ocasek, Ric Beatitude 1982
Geffen GHSP 2023 Lennon, John Collection, The 1982

A conflict of numbers...

Remember what I said about the 2000 series causing issues? As it turns out, this was not a clean slate of numbers: Warners' Reprise label had used the same series in the 1960s and 1970s. The lowest-numbered items in this series had belonged to albums that were obscure and long out-of-print by the 1980s, so duplication was not initially an issue. As numbers in the Geffen series racked up, however, they began to collide with best-selling catalogue albums by artists like Jimi Hendrix and Joni Mitchell. Geffen began selectively skipping blocks of numbers to avoid conflicts, which held them for a little while...

Geffen GHS 2024 Skipped
Geffen GHS 2025 Skipped
Geffen GHS 2026 Skipped
Geffen GHS 2027 Skipped
Geffen GHS 2028 Skipped
Geffen GHS 2029 Skipped
Geffen GHS 2030 Skipped
Geffen 2GHS 2031 (Original cast) Cats 1983 2 LPs. Special issue of 2GHS 2017
Geffen GHS 2032 Skipped
Geffen GHS 2033 McAnelly, Mac Nothing but the Truth 1983
Geffen GHS 2034 Skipped
Geffen GHSP 2035 Gabriel, Peter . 1982 Previously Mercury SRM-1-3848, 1980
Geffen GHS 2036 Berlin Pleasure Victim 1982

Enter the 4000 series...or is that 24000?

In 1983, Geffen releases were shifted over to a new block of numbers in the 4000 series, eliminating any worry of numeric duplication. With a few changes in formatting and corporate ownership along the way, this series lasted to the end of Geffen's existence as an autonomous label.

This era was not free of numbering-related idiosyncrasies, however. In late 1982, the parent Warner Bros. label had reformatted its numbering system by eliminating prefixes, adding a leading "2" or "9 2" to four-digit numbers, and incorporating a UPC-derived suffix to denote the format: A record that would have been "BSK 3676" under the old system became "23676-1" or "9 23676-1" under the new system. Geffen however dug in its heels, retaining four-digit numbers all the way into 1984 and keeping its archaic "GHS" and "M5G" prefixes all the way through to the end of Warner Bros. distribution. Compact Disc releases, however, acquiesced to the new format immediately.

Geffen GHS 4000 Planet P Project . 1983
Geffen GHS 4001 Oxo . 1983
Geffen GHS 4002 Plimsouls Everywhere at Once 1983
Geffen GHS 4003 Madness . 1983
Geffen GHS 4004 Wang Chung Points on the Curve 1983
Geffen GHS 4005 Hurd, Debra . 1983
Geffen GHS 4006 John, Elton Too Low for Zero 1983
Geffen GHS 4007 Rivers, Joan What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most? 1983
Geffen GHS 4008 Asia Alpha 1983
Geffen GHS 4009 Jr. Tucker Jr. Tucker 1983
Geffen GHS 4010
Geffen GHS 4011 Quarterflash Take Another Picture 1983
Geffen 2GHS 4012 Gabriel, Peter Plays Live 1983 2 LPs
Geffen GHS 4013 Young, Neil Everybody's Rockin' 1983
Geffen GHS 4014 Holliday, Jennifer Feel My Soul 1983
Geffen GHS 4015 Monte Video Monte Video 1983
Geffen GHS 4016 Was (Not Was) Born to Laugh at Tornadoes 1983
Geffen GHS 4017 Hiatt, John Riding with the King 1983
Geffen GHS 4018 Whitesnake Slide it In 1984
Geffen GHS 4019
Geffen GHS 4020
Geffen GHS 4021 Cara, Irene What a Feelin' 1983
Geffen GHS 4022 Madness Keep Moving 1984
Geffen GHS 4023 HSAS Through the Fire 1984
Geffen GHS 4024
Geffen GHS 4025 Berlin Love Life 1984
Geffen GHS 24026 Henley, Don Building the Perfect Beast 1984
Geffen GHS 4027 XTC Mummer 1983
Geffen GHS 4028 Australian Crawl Semantics 1984
Geffen GHS 4029
Geffen GHS 24030 Siouxsie & the Banshees Hyaena 1984
Geffen GHS 24031 John, Elton Breaking Hearts 1984
Geffen GHS 4032 XTC White Music 1984 Previously UK Virgin V-2095, 1978
Geffen GHS 4033 XTC Go 2 1984 Previously UK Virgin V-2108, 1978
Geffen GHS 4034 XTC Drums and Wires 1984 Previously Virgin VA 13134, 1979
Geffen GHS 4035 XTC Black Sea 1984 Previously Virgin VR-1-1000, VA 13147, 1980
Geffen 2GHS 4036 XTC English Settlement 1984 2 LPs. Previously UK Virgin V-2223, 1982
Geffen GHS 4037 XTC Waxworks: Some Singles, 1977-1982 1984 Previously UK Virgin V-2251, 1982
Geffen GHS 4038
Geffen GHS 24039 Sylvers Bizarre 1984
Geffen GHS 24040 Summer, Donna Cats Without Claws 1984
Geffen GHS 24041 Black 'n Blue . 1984
Geffen GHS 24042 Carmen, Eric . 1984
Geffen GHS 24043 Hagar, Sammy VOA 1984
Geffen GHSP 24044 (Motion picture soundtrack) Gremlins 1984
Geffen GHS 24045 Drop in the Gray Certain Sculptures 1985
Geffen GHS 24046 Siouxsie & the Banshees Scream, The 1984 Previously UK Polydor POLD-5009, 1978
Geffen GHS 24047 Siouxsie & the Banshees Join Hands 1984 Previously UK Polydor POLD-5024, 1979
Geffen GHS 24048 Siouxsie & the Banshees Kaleidoscope 1984 Previously UK Polydor 2442-177, 1980
Geffen GHS 24049 Siouxsie & the Banshees Kiss in the Dream House, A 1984 Previously UK Polydor POLD-1064, 1982
Geffen GHS 24050 Siouxsie & the Banshees Ju-ju 1984 Previously UK Polydor POLS-1034, 1981
Geffen GHS 24051 Siouxsie & the Banshees Once Upon a Time: The Singles 1984 Previously UK Polydor POLS-1056, 1981
Geffen GHS 24052 Siouxsie & the Banshees Nocturne 1984 Previously UK Polydor SHAH-1, 1983
Geffen GHS 24053 Robinson, Tom Hope and Glory 1984
Geffen GHS 24054 XTC Big Express, The 1984
Geffen GHS 24055 Hiatt, John Warming Up to the Ice Age 1985
Geffen GHS 24056 Shooting Star Silent Scream 1985
Geffen GHS 24057 Vitamin Z Rites of Passage 1985
Geffen GHS 24058
Geffen GHS 24059 Van Zant . 1985
Geffen GHS 24060 Lone Justice . 1985
Geffen GHS 24061 Style Council Internationalists 1985
Geffen GHS 24062 (Motion picture soundtrack) Cotton Club, The 1984
Geffen GHS 24063 (Motion picture soundtrack) Vision Quest 1984
Geffen GHS 24064 Lloyd & the Rattlesnakes Rattlesnakes 1984
Geffen GHS 24065 (Original cast) Whoopi Goldberg 1985
Geffen GHS 24066 Bomb, Adam . 1985
Geffen GHS 24067 Illusion . 1985
Geffen GHS 24068 Young, Neil Old Ways 1985
Geffen GHS 24069
Geffen GHS 24070 Gabriel, Peter Music from the Film "Birdy" 1985
Geffen GHS 24071 Mummy Calls . 1985
Geffen GHS 24072 Asia Astra 1985
Geffen GHS 24073 Holliday, Jennifer Say You Love Me 1985
Geffen GHS 24074 Mitchell, Joni Dog Eat Dog 1985
Geffen GHS 24075 Black 'n Blue Without Love 1985
Geffen GHS 24076 Myrick, Gary Stand for Love 1985
Geffen GHS 24077 John, Elton Ice on Fire 1985
Geffen GHS 24078 Quarterflash Back into Blue 1985
Geffen GHS 24079 Madness Mad Not Mad 1985
Geffen GHS 24080 (Motion picture soundtrack) Silverado 1985
Geffen GHS 24081 Wang Chung To Live and Die in L.A. (Soundtrack) 1985
Geffen GHS 24082 Kitaro Astral Voyage 1986 First North American issue of 1978 album
Geffen GHS 24083 Kitaro Full Moon Story 1986 First North American issue of 1979 album
Geffen GHS 24084 Kitaro Millennia 1986 First North American issue of 1978 album
Geffen GHS 24085 Kitaro India 1986 First North American issue of 1983 album
Geffen GHS 24086 Kitaro Silver Cloud 1986
Geffen GHS 24087 Kitaro Asia 1986 First North American issue of 1975 album
Geffen GHS 24088 Gabriel, Peter So 1986
Geffen GHS 24089 Barnes, Jimmy . 1985
Geffen GHS 24090 Keene, Tommy Songs from the Film 1986
Geffen GHS 24091 Aerosmith Done with Mirrors 1985
Geffen GHS 24092 Siouxsie & the Banshees Tinderbox 1986
Geffen GHS 24093 Cole, Lloyd & the Commotions Easy Pieces 1985
Geffen GHS 24094 Kitaro Toward the West 1986
Geffen GHS 24095 Ish On this Corner 1986
Geffen GHS 24096 Metheny, Pat & Ornette Coleman Song X 1985
Geffen GHS 24097 Mays, Lyle . 1985
Geffen GHS 24098 Ocasek, Ric This Side of Paradise 1986
Geffen GHS 24099 Whitesnake . 1987
Geffen GHS 24100 Models Out of Mind, Out of Sight 1985
Geffen GHS 24101 Esquire . 1987
Geffen GHS 24102 Summer, Donna All Systems Go 1987
Geffen GHS 24103 Style Council Home and Abroad 1986
Geffen GHS 24104 Cosby, Bill Those of You With or Without Children, You'll Understand 1986
Geffen GHS 24105 Case, Peter . 1986
Geffen GHS 24106
Geffen GHS 24107
Geffen GHS 24108
Geffen GHS 24109 Young, Neil Landing on Water 1986
Geffen GHS 24110 Daz Band Wild and Free 1986
Geffen GHS 24111 Black 'n Blue Nasty Nasty 1986
Geffen GHS 24112 Kitaro Tenku 1986
Geffen GHS 24113 Little America . 1987
Geffen GHS 24114 John, Elton Leather Jackets 1986
Geffen GHS 24115 Wang Chung Mosaic 1986
Geffen GHS 24116 It Bites Big Lad in the Windmill, The 1986
Geffen GHS 24117 XTC Skylarking 1986
Geffen GHS 24118 Gene Loves Jezebel Discover 1986
Geffen GHS 24119 Chameleons UK Strange Times 1986
Geffen GHS 24120 Tesla Mechanical Resonance 1986
Geffen GHS 24121 Berlin Count Three & Pray 1986
Geffen GHS 24122 Lone Justice Shelter 1986
Geffen GHS 24123 Harry, Debbie Rockbird 1986
Geffen GHS 24124 Parker, Ray Jr. After Dark 1987
Geffen GHS 24125 (Motion picture soundtrack) Little Shop of Horrors 1986
Geffen GHS 24126
Geffen GHS 24127 Hagar, Sammy Looking Back 1987
Geffen GHS 24128 Keene, Tommy Run Now 1986
Geffen GHS 24129 Jesse's Gang Center of Attraction 1987

More numbers, more labels...

After six years of existence as an label distributed by Warner Bros., Geffen began to be a distributor itself for select releases from Rick Rubin's Def Jam label in 1986. Rubin formed Def American Records in 1988, and their releases were also distributed by Geffen and incorporated into the Geffen numbering series.

Not to be outdone, Geffen in 1990 created a new subsidiary label called "DGC." DGC's grounds for existence were tenuous: The label was obviously nothing more than Geffen Records under a slightly different name. The logo even said "David Geffen Company" under it, so they weren't even trying to fool anyone. Making things even more ridiculous, DGC product continued to be released on Geffen outside of North America. Even so, DGC managed to cultivate a reputation in the 1990s as a haven for "alternative" and "indie" bands, while Geffen per se became oriented more towards "legacy" artists.

Geffen GHS 24130
Def Jam GHS 24131 Slayer Reign in Blood 1986
Geffen GHS 24132
Geffen GHS 24133
Geffen GHS 24134 Siouxsie & the Banshees Through the Looking Glass 1986
Geffen GHS 24135
Geffen GHS 24136
Geffen GHS 24137 Scott, Tom Lonesome Sound, The 1987
Geffen GHS 24138
Geffen GHS 24139
Geffen GHS 24140 Williams, Victoria Happy Come Home 1987
Geffen GHS 24141 Williams, Vaneese Vaneese 1987
Geffen GHS 24142 Y&T Contagious 1987
Geffen GHS 24143 EZO . 1987
Geffen GHS 24144 Hagar, Sammy I Never Said Goodbye 1987
Geffen GHS 24145 Metheny, Pat Group Still Life (Talking) 1987
Geffen GHS 24146 Barnes, Jimmy Freight Train Heart 1987
Geffen GHS 24147 Wetton, John & Phil Manzanera Wetton/Manzanera 1987
Geffen GHS 24148 Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction 1987
Geffen GHS 24149 Fuzzbox We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It 1986
Geffen GHS 24150 Holliday, Jennifer Get Close to my Love 1987
Geffen GHS 24151 (Original cast) Les Misérables 1987
Geffen GHS 24152 White, Michael Night People 1987
Geffen GHS 24153 John, Elton Elton John's Greatest Hits Vol. III: 1979-1987 1987
Geffen GHS 24154 Young, Neil & Crazy Horse Life 1987
Geffen GHS 24155 Nitzer Ebb That Golden Age 1987
Geffen GHS 24156 Downes, Geoffrey & the New Dance Orchestra Light Program, The 1987
Geffen GHS 24157
Geffen GHS 24158
Geffen GHS 24159
Geffen GHS 24160 Robertson, Robbie . 1987
Geffen GHS 24161 (Motion picture soundtrack) Innerspace 1987
Geffen GHS 24162 Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 1987
Geffen GHS 24163 Kitaro Light of the Spirit, The 1987
Geffen GHS 24164 Cher . 1987
Geffen GHS 24165 Gene Loves Jezebel Promise 1987 Previously Situation 2 SITU-7, 1983
Geffen GHS 24166
Geffen GHS 24167 Whitesnake Come An' Get It 1987 Previously Mirage/Atlantic WTG-16043, 1981
Geffen GHS 24168 Whitesnake Live...In the Heart of the City 1987 Previously Mirage/Atlantic WTG-19292, 1980
Geffen GHS 24169 Dukes of Stratosphear (XTC) Chips From the Chocolate Fireball 1987
Geffen GHS 24170
Geffen GHS 24171 Gene Loves Jezebel House of the Dolls, The 1987
Geffen GHS 24172 Mitchell, Joni Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm 1988
Geffen GHS 24173 Whitesnake Saints and Sinners 1987 Previously UK Liberty LBGP 30354, 1982
Geffen GHS 24174 Whitesnake Snakebite 1987 Previously UK Sunburst INEP 751, 1978
Geffen GHS 24175 Whitesnake Trouble 1987 Previously UK Liberty EMS 1257, 1978
Geffen GHS 24176 Whitesnake Lovehunter 1987 Previously United Artists LT 981, 1979
Geffen GHS 24177 (Various artists) Scream: The Compilation 1987
Geffen GHS 24178
Geffen GHS 24179 Wilde, Danny Any Man's Hunger 1988
Geffen GHS 24180 Black 'n Blue In Heat 1988
Geffen GHS 24181 3 To the Power of 1988
Geffen GHS 24182 Sun & the Moon Sun and the Moon, The 1988
Geffen GHS 24183 (Original cast) Follies 1987
Geffen GHS 24184 Astley, Virginia Hope in a Darkened Heart 1986
Geffen GHS 24185 Fuzzbox Big Bang 1989
Geffen GHS 24186 Vitamin Z Sharp Stone Rain 1989
Geffen GHS 24187 Berlin Best of, 1979-1988 1988
Geffen GHS 24188 Page, Jimmy Outrider 1988
Geffen GHS 24189 It Bites Once Around the World 1988
Geffen GHS 24190 Kilzer, John Memory in the Making 1988
Geffen GHS 24191 McAnelly, Mac Finish Lines 1988
Geffen GHS 24192 Brickell, Edie & New Bohemians Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars 1988
Geffen GHS 24193 Rock City Angels Young Man's Blues 1988
Geffen GHS 24194 Forbert, Steve Streets of This Town 1988
Geffen GHS 24195 Minogue, Kylie Kylie 1988
Geffen GHS 24196
Geffen GHS 24197
Geffen GHS 24198 Guns N' Roses G N' R Lies 1988
Geffen GHS 24199
Geffen GHS 24200
Geffen GHS 24201 Toll Price of Progression, The 1988
Geffen GHS 24202 (Motion picture soundtrack) Beetlejuice 1988
Def Jam GHS 24203 Slayer South of Heaven 1988
Geffen GHS 24204 Mays, Lyle Street Dreams 1988
Geffen GHS 24205 Siouxsie & the Banshees Peep Show 1988
Geffen GHS 24206 Gabriel, Peter Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ 1989
Geffen GHS 24207 Kitaro Ten Years 1988
Def American DEF 24208 Danzig . 1988
Geffen GHS 24209 7A3 Coolin' in Cali 1988
Geffen GHS 24210
Geffen 24211-2 Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction 1989 Edited release of GHS 24148, 1987
Geffen GHS 24212 Blue Murder . 1989
Geffen GHS 24213 Nitzer Ebb Belief 1988
Def American DEF 24214 Clay, Andrew Dice Dice 1989
Def American DEF 24215 Wolfsbane Live Fast, Die Fast 1989
Geffen GHS 24216 Ridgway, Stan Mosquitos 1989
Geffen GHS 24217 Henley, Don End of the Innocence, The 1989
Geffen GHS 24218 XTC Oranges and Lemons 1989
Geffen GHS 24219
Geffen GHS 24220 Williams, Christopher Adventures in Paradise A 1989
Geffen GHS 24221 Keene, Tommy Based on Happy Times 1989
Geffen GHS 24222 Wang Chung Warmer Side of Cool, The 1989
Geffen GHS 24223 Nikki . 1989
Geffen GHS 24224 Tesla Great Radio Controversy, The 1989
Geffen GHS 24225
Geffen GHS 24226
Geffen GHS 24227 Junkyard . 1989
Geffen GHS 24228 Peaston, David Introducing David Peaston 1989
Geffen GHS 24229 McKee, Maria . 1989
Geffen GHS 24230 EZO Fire Fire 1989
Geffen GHS 24231
Geffen GHS 24232 Rea, Chris Best of, The: New Light Through Old Windows 1988
Geffen GHS 24233 Enya Watermark 1988
Geffen GHS 24234
Geffen GHS 24235
Geffen GHS 24236 (Various artists) Greenpeace: Rainbow Warriors 1989
Geffen GHS 24237
Geffen GHS 24238 Case, Peter Man with the Blue Postmodern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar, The 1989
Geffen GHS 24239 Cher Heart of Stone 1989
Geffen GHS 24240
Geffen GHS 24241
Geffen GHS 24242
Geffen GHS 24243
Geffen GHS 24244
Geffen GHS 24245 Metheny, Pat Group Letter from Home 1989
Geffen GHS 24246 Jones, Rickie Lee Flying Cowboys 1989
Geffen GHS 24247 Hiatt, John Y'all Caught? 1989
Geffen GHS 24248 Bolin, Tommy Ultimate, The: The Best of Tommy Bolin 1989
Geffen GHS 24249 Whitesnake Slip of the Tongue 1989
Geffen GHS 24250
Geffen 24251-2 Was (Not Was) Born to Laugh at Tornadoes 1989 Previously GHS 4016, 1983
Geffen GHS 24252
Geffen GHS 24253
Geffen GHS 24254 Aerosmith Pump 1989
Geffen GHS 24255 Kitaro Kojiki 1990
DGC DGC 24256 Carson, Lori Shelter 1990
Geffen GHS 24257 Newton-John, Olivia Warm and Tender 1989
Geffen GHS 24258
Geffen GHS 24259
Geffen GHS 24260 Gene Loves Jezebel Kiss of Life 1989
Geffen GHS 24261 It Bites Eat Me in St. Louis 1989
Geffen GHS 24262 Hanoi Rocks Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks 1989 Previously Finnish Johanna JHNS 174, 1981
Geffen GHS 24263 Hanoi Rocks Oriental Beat 1989 Previously Finnish Johanna JHN 2063, 1982
Geffen GHS 24264 Hanoi Rocks Self Destruction Blues 1989 Previously Finnish Johanna JHN 3008, 1982
Geffen GHS 24265 Hanoi Rocks Back to Mystery City 1989 Previously Finnish Johanna JHN 3023, 1983
Geffen GHS 24266 Hanoi Rocks All Those Wasted Years: Live at the Marquee 1989 Previously Finnish Johanna DLP 1, 1984
Def American DEF 24267 Trouble . 1990
Geffen GHS 24268
Geffen 24269-2 Aerosmith Pump 1990 Special issue of GHS 24254, 1989
Geffen 24270-2 Salty Dog Every Dog Has Its Day 1990
Geffen GHS 24271 (Original cast) Miss Saigon 1990
Geffen GHS 24272 Minogue, Kylie Enjoy Yourself 1990
Geffen GHS 24273 Shadowland . 1989
Geffen GHS 24274
Geffen GHS 24275 Creatures Boomerang 1989
Geffen GHS 24276 Rea, Chris Road to Hell, The 1989
DGC DGC 24277 Sundays Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic 1990
Def American DEF 24278 Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker 1990
Geffen GHS 24279 Lock Up Something Bitchin' This Way Comes 1989
Geffen GHS 24280 Death Angel . 1990
Def American DEF 24281 Danzig Danzig II: Luzifuge 1990
DGC DGC 24282 Gutterboy . 1990
Geffen GHS 24283 Y&T Ten 1990
Geffen GHS 24284 Nitzer Ebb Showtime 1990
DGC DGC 24285 Warrior Soul Last Decade Dead Century 1990
Geffen GHS 24286 Shadowland Beauty of Escaping 1990
Def American DEF 24287 Clay, Andrew Dice Day the Laughter Died, The 1990
DGC DGC 24288 Little Caesar . 1990
Geffen GHS 24289
DGC DGC 24290 Nelson After the Rain 1990
DGC DGC 24291 Doe, John Meet 1990
Geffen GHS 24292 Willi Jones . 1990
Geffen GHS 24293 Metheny, Pat, Dave Holland, Roy Haynes Question and Answer 1989
DGC DGC 24294 (Motion picture soundtrack) Days of Thunder 1990
Geffen GHS 24295 Brothers Figaro Gypsy Beat 1990
Geffen GHS 24296 Notorious . 1990
DGC DGC 24297 Sonic Youth Goo 1990
Geffen GHS 24298 Asia Then & Now 1990

Enter MCA...

In 1990 Geffen Records was approaching its tenth year of operation...and David Geffen, its namesake and sole owner, wanted out. Predictably, a bidding war broke out. When the dust cleared, Geffen Records had been sold to the Music Corporation of America in exchange for $550 million of preferred stock.

Though the sale did not immediately affect Geffen's autonomy as a label, it did have an effect on catalogue numbers. With MCA assuming distribution of Geffen product in 1991, MCA-style prefixes were established for all new releases: "GEFD" or "DGCD" for Compact Disc, and "GEFC" or "DGCC" for cassettes. (Vinyl albums were all but dead in 1991, but the few that came out were prefixed "GEF" or "DGC.") Back-catalogue product soldiered on with the same numbers in the same packaging it had before, but any "Warner Bros." references in the fine print were changed to "MCA" and the Warner Bros. "07599" UPC prefix was changed to "72064."

The MCA deal also marked the end of Geffen's relationship with Def American Records, which continued to be distributed by Warner Bros. into the second half of the 1990s.

DGC DGCD-24299 Apollo Smile . 1991
Geffen GHS 24300
Geffen GHS 24301 Dokken, Don Up From the Ashes 1990
Geffen GEF-24302 Mitchell, Joni Night Ride Home 1991
Geffen GEF-24303 Robertson, Robbie Storyville 1991
Geffen GHS 24304 Brickell, Edie & New Bohemians Ghost of a Dog 1990
DGC DGC 24305 Posies Dear 23 1990
Def American 24306-2 Geto Boys . 1990
Def American DEF 24307 Slayer Seasons in the Abyss 1990
Geffen GHS 24308 (Television soundtrack) Simpsons Sing the Blues, The 1990
Geffen GHS 24309
Geffen GHS 24310 (Motion picture soundtrack) Mermaids 1990
Geffen 24311-2 Tesla Five Man Acoustical Jam 1990
Geffen GHS 24312
Geffen GHS 24313
Geffen GEFD-24314 I Napoleon . 1991
Geffen GEF-24315
DGC DGC-24316 Throbs Language of Thieves & Vagabonds 1991
DGC DGCD-24317 Tyketto Don't Come Easy 1991
Geffen GEF-24318
DGC DGCD-24319 Circle C . 1991
DGC DGCD-24320 Roberts, Kane Saints and Sinners 1991
Geffen GEFD-24321
Geffen GEFD-24322 Kilzer, John Busman's Holiday 1990
Geffen GEF-24323 Kitaro Live in America 1991
DGC DGC-24324 Galactic Cowboys . 1991

Not quite a (Re)union...

No sooner had the ink dried on Geffen's MCA deal, when the label found itself with another subdistribution arrangement on its hands: Reunion Records, a label focused on "contemporary Christian" music.

American "contemporary Christian" culture essentially consists of sequestering oneself from unwanted perspectives and diversity, and the record business is no exception. Most CCM labels of the day had split distribution arrangements, with one company handling "Christian" accounts and another handling the oh-so-vulgar "secular" markets. As a result, just about every Reunion record that Geffen distributed had a parallel release with a different catalogue number, and a fair amount of their product had been previously rehashed on other record labels.

The Reunion arrangement ended almost as soon as it began: The company was sold in 1992 to BMG.

Reunion REND-24325 Smith, Michael W. Go West Young Man 1991 Previously 7010063, 1990
Geffen 24326-2 Gabriel, Peter Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats 1990
Reunion REND-24327 Smith, Michael W. Project, The 1991 Previously RRA 0002
Reunion REND-24328 Smith, Michael W. 2 1991 Previously 7010004
Reunion REND-24329 Smith, Michael W. Big Picture, The 1991 Previously 7010010
Reunion REND-24330 Smith, Michael W. Live Set, The 1991 Previously 7010026
Reunion REND-24331 Smith, Michael W. i2(eye) 1991 Previously 7010037
Reunion REND-24332 Grant, Amy . 1991 Previously A&M SP-5051, Myrrh MSB-6586
Reunion REND-24333 Grant, Amy My Father's Eyes 1991 Previously A&M SP-5052, Myrrh MSB-6629
Reunion REND-24334 Grant, Amy Never Alone 1991 Previously A&M SP-5053, Myrrh MSB-6645
Reunion REND-24335 Grant, Amy In Concert 1991 Previously A&M SP-5054, Myrrh MSB-6668
Reunion REND-24336 Grant, Amy In Concert, Vol. 2 1991 Previously A&M SP-5055, Myrrh MSB-6677
Reunion REND-24337 Grant, Amy Age to Age 1991 Previously A&M SP-5056, Myrrh MSB-6697
Reunion REND-24338 Grant, Amy Straight Ahead 1991 Previously A&M SP-5058, Myrrh MSB-6757
Reunion REND-24339 Grant, Amy Unguarded 1991 Previously A&M SP-5060, Myrrh 7016806
Reunion REND-24340 Grant, Amy Collection, The 1991 Previously A&M SP-5900, Myrrh 7016843
Reunion REND-24341
Reunion REND-24342 Archers Colors of Your Love, The 1991 Previously 7010062
Reunion REND-24343 Cua, Rick Within Reach 1991 Previously 7010060
Reunion REND-24344 Cua, Rick Can't Stand Too Tall 1991 Previously 7010030
Reunion REND-24345 Cua, Rick Midnight Sun 1991 Previously 7010045
Reunion REND-24346 Hill, Kim Brave Heart 1991 Previously 7010065
Reunion REND-24347 Hill, Kim . 1991 Previously 7010029
Reunion REND-24348 Hill, Kim Talk About Life 1991 Previously 7010049
Reunion REND-24349 Mullins, Rich World as Best I Remember It, Vol. I 1991 Previously 7010066
Reunion REND-24350 Mullins, Rich . 1991 Previously 7010009
Reunion REND-24351 Mullins, Rich Pictures in the Sky 1991 Previously 7010019
Reunion REND-24352 Mullins, Rich Winds of Heaven...Stuff of Earth 1991 Previously 7010036
Reunion REND-24353 Mullins, Rich Never Picture Perfect 1991 Previously 7010053
Reunion REND-24354 McGhee & Me Hits, The 1991
Reunion REND-24355 Eaton, Chris Vision 1991 Previously 7010013
Reunion REND-24356 Omartian, Michael Conversations 1991 Previously 7010017
Reunion REND-24357 Peace, Michael RRRock It Right 1991
Reunion REND-24358 Peace, Michael Rappin' Bold 1991 Previously 7010034
Reunion REND-24359 Peace, Michael Vigilante of Hope 1991 Previously 7010050
Reunion REND-24360 Peace, Michael Loud and Clear 1991
Reunion REND-24361 Prism Blue 1991 Previously 7010018
Reunion REND-24362 Prism Yellow 1991 Previously 7010023
Reunion REND-24363 Prism Red 1991 Previously 7010033
Reunion REND-24364 Prism Green 1991 Previously 7010038
Reunion REND-24365 Prism Hits 1991 Previously 7010047
DGC DGCD-24366 Nymphs . 1991
Geffen GEFD-24367
DGC DGCD-24368 King of Kings . 1991
Geffen GEFD-24369 Cher Love Hurts 1991
DGC DGCD-24370 Candyskins Space I'm In 1991
Geffen GEFD-24371 I Love You . 1991
Geffen GEFD-24372 Junkyard Sixes, Sevens & Nines 1991
Geffen GEFD-24373 XTC White Music 1991 Previously GHS 4032
Geffen GEFD-24374 XTC Mummer 1991 Previously GHS 4027
Geffen GEFD-24375 XTC Go 2 1991 Previously GHS 4033
Geffen GEFD-24376 XTC Black Sea 1991 Previously GHS 4035, Virgin VR-1-1000, VA 13147
Geffen GEFD-24377
Reunion REND-24378 Grace, Steve Children of the Western World 1992 Previously 7010057
Reunion REND-24379 Troccoli, Kathy Images 1992 Previously 7010014
Reunion REND-24380 Troccoli, Kathy Portfolio 1992 Previously 7010025
Geffen GEFD-24381
Geffen GEFD-24382
Geffen GEFD-24383
Reunion REND-24394 Troccoli, Kathy Stubborn Love 1992 Previously RRA 0001
Reunion REND-24395 Troccoli, Kathy Heart and Soul 1992 Previously 7010005
Reunion REND-24396 Smith, Michael W. Christmas 1992
Reunion REND-24397 Grant, Amy Christmas Album, A 1992 Previously A&M SP-5057
Reunion REND-24398 Wes King Ultimate Underlying No Denying Motivation, The 1992
Reunion REND-24399 Garcia, Renee Different World, A 1992 Previously 7010039
Reunion REND-24400 Garcia, Renee Living in the Vertical 1992 Previously 7010027
Reunion REND-24401 Cryar, Morgan Kingdom Upside Down 1992 Previously 7010056
Reunion REND-24402 Cryar, Morgan Like a River 1992 Previously 7010046
Reunion REND-24403 Sparks, Greg & Rebecca Through Flood and Fire 1992 Previously 7010059
Reunion REND-24404 Sparks, Greg & Rebecca Sparks 1992
Geffen GEFD-24405
Reunion REND-24406 Awakening Sanctified 1992 Previously 7010024
Reunion REND-24407 Awakening Into Thy Hands 1992 Previously 7010035
Geffen GEFD-24408
Reunion REND-24409 Hoi Polloi . 1992 Also issued as 7010068
Geffen GEFD-24410
DGC DGCD-24411 Yasmin . 1992
Geffen GEFD-24412
Geffen GEFD-24413 (Motion picture soundtrack) Thirtysomething 1991
Geffen GEFD-24414
Geffen GEFD-24415 Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion I 1991
Geffen GEFD-24416
Geffen GEFD-24417 XTC Rag and Bone Buffet 1991
Geffen GEFD-24418 Parker, Rick Wicked World 1991
Geffen GEFD-24419 Blue Murder Nothin' But Trouble 1993
Geffen GEFD-24420 Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion II 1991
Geffen GEFD-24421 Cher Love Hurts 1991 Special issue of GEFD-24369
Geffen GEFD-24422
DGC DGCD-24423 Freewheelers . 1991
Geffen GEFD-24424 Tesla Psychotic Supper 1991
DGC DGCD-24425 Nirvana Nevermind 1991
Geffen GEFD-24426 Jones, Rickie Lee Pop Pop 1991
Geffen GED-24427 Cher Love Hurts 1991 International issue of GEFD-24369
Geffen GEFD-24428 Cosby, Bill Oh Baby 1991
Geffen GEFD-24429 Fiona Squeeze 1992
Geffen GEFD-24430
Geffen GEFD-24431
Geffen GEFD-24432
Geffen GEFD-24433 Nirvana Bleach 1992 International issue of Sub Pop SP 34, 1989
Geffen GED-24434 Guns N' Roses Destruction, Lies: The Road to Illusion 1992 3 CDs. International issue.
Geffen GEFD-24435
Geffen GEFD-24436
Geffen GEFD-24437
Geffen GEFD-24438
Geffen GEFD-24439 Cher Greatest Hits: 1965-1992 1992 International issue
Geffen GEFD-24440
Geffen GEFD-24441
Geffen GEFD-24442
Geffen GEFD-24443
Geffen GEFD-24444 Aerosmith Get a Grip 1993 International issue of GEFD-24455
Geffen GEFD-24445
Geffen GEFD-24446
Geffen GEFD-24447
Geffen GEFD-24448
Geffen GEFD-24449
Geffen GEFD-24450
DGC DGCD-24451 Nunn, Terri Moment of Truth 1992
Geffen GEFD-24452 Young, Neil Lucky 13 1993
Reunion REND-24453 Troccoli, Kathy Pure Attraction 1992 Also issued as 7010070
Geffen GEFD-24454
Geffen GEFD-24455 Aerosmith Get a Grip 1993
Geffen GEFD-24456 Nitzer Ebb Ebbland 1991
Geffen GEFD-24457
Reunion REND-24458 Wes King Sticks and Stones 1992 Also issued as 7010069
Geffen GEFD-24459 Forbert, Steve American in Me, The 1991
Geffen GEFD-24460 White Zombie La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 1992
DGC DGCD-24461 Teenage Fanclub Bandwagonesque 1991
Geffen GEFD-24462
Geffen GEFD-24463 Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 1998 Edited, abridged issue of GEFD-24415 & GEFD-24420. Delayed?
Geffen GEFD-24464 Roxy Blue Want Some? 1992
DGC DGCD-24465 Arc Angels . 1992
Geffen GEFD-24466 Case, Peter Six Pack of Love 1992
Geffen GEFD-24467 Spent Poets . 1992
Geffen GEFD-24468 Metheny, Pat Secret Story 1992
Geffen GEFD-24469 Walker, Billy Joe Jr. Untitled 1992
Geffen GEFD-24470 Newton-John, Olivia Back to Basics: Collection 1971-1992 1992
Geffen GEFD-24471 Roxy Blue Want Some? 1992 Special issue of GEFD-24464
DGC DGCD-24472 Little Caesar Influence 1992
Geffen GEFD-24473 Gabriel, Peter Us 1992
Geffen GEFD-24474 XTC Nonsuch 1992
Geffen GEFD-24475
Geffen GEFD-24476 Waterboys Dream Harder 1993
Geffen GEFD-24477 Kitaro Dream 1992
Geffen GEFD-24478
DGC DGCD-24479 Sundays Blind 1992
Geffen GEFD-24480 (Television soundtrack) Simpsons: The Yellow Album 1998 Delayed?
Geffen GEFD-24481 Plimsouls Everywhere at Once 1992
Geffen GEFD-24482 Case, Peter . 1992
Reunion REND-24483 Mullins, Rich World as Best I Remember It, Vol. II 1992 Also issued as 7010072
Reunion REND-24484 Cua, Rick Way Love Is, The 1992 Also issued as 7010075
DGC DGCD-24485 Sonic Youth Dirty 1992
Geffen GEFD-24486 Thunder Laughing on Judgement Day 1992
Geffen GEFD-24487 Coverdale-Page . 1993
DGC DGCD-24488 Warrior Soul Salutations From the Ghetto Nation 1992
Geffen GEFD-24489 Jackyl . 1992
Geffen GEFD-24490 Stradlin, Izzy & the Ju Ju Hounds . 1992
Reunion REND-24491 Smith, Michael W. Change Your World 1992 Also issued as 7010071
Geffen GEFD-24492 Siouxsie & the Banshees Twice Upon a Time 1992
DGC DGCD-24493 Sonic Youth Dirty 1992 Special issue of DGCD-24485
DGC DGCD-24494 Candyskins Fun? 1993
Geffen GEFD-24495 Attaway, Murray In Thrall 1993
Geffen GEFD-24496 Graveyard Train . 1993
Geffen GEFD-24497 Standunder My Little Funhouse 1992
DGC DGCD-24498 Sloan Smeared 1992
Geffen GEFD-24499
Reunion REND-24500 E., Mike Good News for the Bad Timez 1992 Also issued as 7010074
Reunion REND-24501 James, Michael Shoulder to the Wind 1992 Also issued as 7010076
Reunion REND-24502 Prayer Chain Whirlpool 1992
Geffen GEFD-24503 Stone Roses Second Coming 1994
DGC DGCD-24504 Nirvana Insecticide 1992
Geffen GEFD-24505 (Motion picture soundtrack) Toys 1992
Geffen GEFD-24506 Cell Slo-Blo 1993
DGC DGCD-24507 James, Wendy Now Ain't the Time For Your Tears 1993
Geffen GEFD-24508 McKee, Maria You Gotta Sin to Get Saved 1993
Geffen GEFD-24509 Cher If I Could Turn Back Time 1999 Delayed?
Geffen GEFD-24510
DGC DGCD-24511 Sonic Youth Confusion is Sex 1993 Previously SST 096, 1984
DGC DGCD-24512 Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising 1993 Previously Homestead HMS 016, 1985
DGC DGCD-24513 Sonic Youth EVOL 1993 Previously SST 059, 1986
DGC DGCD-24514 Sonic Youth Sister 1993 Previously SST 134, 1987
DGC DGCD-24515 Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 1993 2 CDs. Previously Enigma 75403-1, 1988
DGC DGCD-24516 Ciccone Youth Whitey Album, The 1993
Geffen GEFD-24517
Geffen GEFD-24518
Geffen GEFD-24519
Geffen GEFD-24520
Geffen GEFD-24521
DGC DGCD-24522 Posies Frosting on the Beater 1993
DGC DGCD-24523 Ceremony Hang Out Your Poetry 1993
DGC DGCD-24524 Galactic Cowboys Space in Your Face 1993
DGC DGCD-24525 Nelson Because They Can 1995
Geffen GEFD-24526
Geffen GEFD-24527 Pariah To Mock a Killingbird 1993
DGC DGCD-24528 Counting Crows August and Everything After 1993
Geffen GEFD-24529 Urge Overkill Saturation 1993
Geffen GEFD-24530 Aerosmith Get a Grip 1993 Special issue of GEFD-24455
Geffen GEFD-24531
Geffen GEFD-24532
DGC DGCD-24534 Teenage Fanclub Thirteen 1994
DGC DGCD-24534 St. Johnny Speed is Dreaming 1994
Geffen GED-24535 McEvoy, Eleanor . 1994 International issue of GEFD-24606
Geffen GED-24536 Nirvana In Utero 1993 International issue of DGCD-24607
Geffen GEFD-24537
Geffen GEFD-24538 Manowar Into Glory Ride 1993 Previously Megaforce MRI 169 666, 1983
Geffen GEFD-24539 Manowar Hail to England 1993 First North American issue of 1984 album?
Geffen GED-24540 Manowar Secrets of Steel 1993 2 CDs. International issue.
Geffen GEFD-24541
Geffen GEFD-24542
Geffen GEFD-24543
Geffen GED-24544 (Various artists) Geffen Rareties, Vol. 1 1994 International issue
Geffen GEFD-24545
Geffen GED-24546 Aerosmith Big Ones 1994 2 CDs. Expanded international issue of GEFD-24716

The mystery of the missing numbers...

In the mid-1990s, Geffen appears to have picked up a peculiar habit of skipping over large blocks of numbers in the catalogue series...sometimes at a rate of dozens at a time.

Where did these numbers go? Given their contiguous nature, it seems far-fetched that they all belonged to cancelled releases. Perhaps the records managers or accountants at the company know the answer to this mystery. Because I sure don't...

GEFD-24547 - GEFD-24558 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GED-24559 Barnes, Jimmy Week Away From Paradise, A/Freight Train Heart 1995 International twofer of GHS 24089 & GHS 24146
Geffen GEFD-24560
Geffen GED-24561 Bivouac Full Size Boy 1995 International issue
GEFD-24562 - GEFD-24600 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GEFD-24601 Metheny, Pat Group Road to You, The 1993
Geffen GEFD-24602 Jones, Rickie Lee Traffic From Paradise 1993
Geffen GEFD-24603 Phantom Blue Built to Perform 1994
Geffen GEFD-24604 Jackyl . 1993 Special issue of GEFD-24489
Geffen GEFD-24605 McKagen, Duff Believe in Me 1993
Geffen GEFD-24606 McEvoy, Eleanor . 1993
DGC DGCD-24607 Nirvana In Utero 1993
DGC DGCD-24608 Warrior Soul Chill Pill 1993
Geffen GEFD-24609 Chameleons UK Strange Times 1993
Geffen GEFD-24610
Geffen GEFD-24611 I Love You All of Us 1994
Geffen GEFD-24612 Collins, Judy Sings Dylan Just Like a Woman 1993
Geffen GEFD-24613 (Television soundtrack) Beavis and Butt-Head Experience, The 1993
Geffen GEFD-24614 Kitaro Heaven & Earth 1993
DGC DGCD-24615 That Dog . 1993
Geffen GEFD-24616
Geffen GEFD-24617 Guns N' Roses Spaghetti Incident, The 1993
Geffen GEFD-24618 Childs, Toni Woman's Boat, The 1994
Geffen GEFD-24619 Noa . 1994
Geffen GEFD-24620 Whitesnake Greatest Hits 1994
Geffen GEFD-24621 (Original cast) Miss Saigon 1994 Previously GHS 24271
DGC DGCD-24622 Raincoats . 1993 First North American release of 1979 album
DGC DGCD-24623 Raincoats Odyshape 1993 First North American release of 1981 album
DGC DGCD-24624 Raincoats Moving 1993 First North American release of 1983 album
DGC DGCD-24625 Wild Colonials Fruit of Life 1994
Geffen GEFD-24626 Metheny, Pat Zero Tolerance for Silence 1994
DGC DGCD-24627 Hawkins, Ted Next Hundred Years, The 1994
DGC DGCD-24628 Sugartooth . 1994
DGC DGCD-24629 Weezer . 1994
Geffen GEFD-24630 Siouxsie & the Banshees Rapture 1995
DGC DGCD-24631 Hole Live Through This 1994
DGC DGCD-24632 Sonic Youth Experimental Jet Set 1994
DGC DGCD-24633 Cell Living Room 1994
DGC DGCD-24634 Beck Mellow Gold 1994
GEFD-24635 - GEFD-24701 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GEFD-24702 Hagar, Sammy Unboxed 1994
Geffen GEFD-24703 Pride & Glory . 1994
DGC DGCD-24704 (Various artists) DGC Rarities, Vol. 1 1994
DGC DGCD-24705 Nirvana In Utero 1994 Edited issue of DGCD-24607
DGC DGCD-24706 Beck Mellow Gold 1994 Edited issue of DGCD-24634
Geffen GEFD-24707
DGC DGCD-24708 Roots Do You Want More?!!!??! 1994
Geffen GEFD-24709
Geffen GEFD-24710 Jackyl Push Comes to Shove 1994
DGC DGCD-24711 Sloan Twice Removed 1994
Geffen GEFD-24712 Kotzen, Richie Mother Head's Family Reunion 1994
Geffen GEFD-24713 Tesla Bust a Nut 1994
Geffen GEFD-24714
Geffen GEFD-24715 Brickell, Edie Picture Perfect Morning 1994
Geffen GEFD-24716 Aerosmith Big Ones 1994
Geffen GEFD-24717
Geffen GEFD-24718 Nitzer Ebb Big Hit 1995
Geffen GEFD-24719 (Motion picture soundtrack) Interview With the Vampire 1994
Geffen GEFD-24720 God Street Wine $1.99 Romances 1995
Geffen GEFD-24721
Geffen GEFD2-24722 Gabriel, Peter Secret World Live 1994 2 CDs
Geffen GEFD-24723
Geffen GEFD-24724 Mary Beats Jane . 1994
Geffen GEFD-24725 Eagles Hell Freezes Over 1994
DGC DGCD-24726 Three Mile Pilot Chief Assassin to the Sinister, The 1995
DGC DGCD-24727 Nirvana Unplugged in New York 1994
DGC DGCD-24728 Elastica . 1995
Geffen GEFD-24729 Metheny, Pat Group We Live Here 1995
Geffen GEFD-24730 Slash's Snakepit It's Five O'Clock Somewhere 1995
Geffen GEFD-24731
DGC DGCD-24732 Salt, Veruca American Thighs 1994
DGC DGCD-24733 Loud Lucy Breathe 1995
Geffen GEFD-24734 Loeb, Lisa & Nine Stories Tails 1995
DGC DGCD-24735 That Dog Totally Crushed Out! 1995
GEFD-24736 - GEFD-24800 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GEFD-24801 St. Johnny Let It Come Down 1995
DGC DGCD-24802 Teenage Fanclub Grand Prix 1995
DGC DGCD-24803 Bivouac Full Size Boy 1995
Geffen GEFD-24804 Jasper & the Prodigal Suns Everything is Everything 1995
Geffen GEFD-24805 (Various artists) Vintage 80's, Vol. 1 1995
Geffen GEFD-24806 White Zombie Astro Creep 2000 1995
DGC DGCD-24807 Pell Mell Interstate 1995
DGC DGCD-24808 Hardvark Memory Barge 1995
DGC DGCD-24809 Sonic Youth Screaming Fields of Sonic Love 1995
DGC DGCD-24810 Moore, Thurston Psychic Hearts 1995
DGC DGCD-24811 Boss Hog . 1995
Geffen GEFD-24812
Geffen GEFD-24813 GZA Liquid Swords 1995
Geffen GEFD-24814 White Zombie Astro Creep 2000 1995 Special issue of GEFD-24806
Geffen GEFD-24815
Geffen GEFD-24816
Geffen GEFD-24817 Magnuson, Ann Luv Show, The 1995
Geffen GEFD-24818 Urge Overkill Exit the Dragon 1995
Geffen GEFD-24819 McKee, Maria Life is Sweet 1996
Geffen GEFD-24820 Skiploader Anxious, Restless 1995
DGC DGCD-24821 Southern Culture on the Skids Dirt Track Date 1995
Geffen GEFD-24822 Raw Stylus Pushing Against the Flow 1995
DGC DGCD-24823 Beck Odelay 1996
DGC DGCD-24824 (Various artists) Buy-Product 1995
DGC DGCD-24825 Sonic Youth Washing Machine 1995
DGC DGCD-24826 Drivin' n' Cryin' Wrapped in Sky 1995
Geffen GEFD-24827
DGC DGCD-24828 Remy Zero . 1996
DGC DGCD-24829 Posies Amazing Disgrace 1996
Geffen GEFD-24830
DGC DGCD-24831 Jawbreaker Dear You 1995
Geffen GEFD-24832
Geffen GEFD-24833 Tesla Time Makin' Changes: The Best of 1995
Geffen GEFD-24834 Henley, Don Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits 1995
Geffen GEFD-24835 White Zombie Astro Creep 2000 1995 Special issue of GEFD-24806
GEFD-24836 - GEFD-24900 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GED-24901 Nirvana Singles 1995 International issue
Geffen GED-24902 Kitaro Best of, The 1995 International issue
Geffen GEFD-24903
Geffen GED-24904 Robertson, Robbie Robbie Robertson/Storyville 1995 International twofer of GHS 24160 & GHS 24303
Geffen GED-24905 Mitchell, Joni Dog Eat Dog/Wild Things Run Fast 1995 International twofer of GHS 24074 & GHS 2019
Geffen GEFD-24906
Geffen GEFD-24907
Geffen GED-24908 Beck Odelay 1995 International issue of DGCD-24823
Geffen GED-24909 Sonic Youth Washing Machine 1995 International issue of DGCD-24825
Geffen GED-24910 Posies Amazing Disgrace 1996 International issue of DGCD-24829
Geffen GEFD-24911 Hall, James Pleasure Club 1996
GEFD-24912 - GEFD-24924 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GEFD-24925 Manowar Louder Than Hell 1996
Geffen GEFD-24926 Beck Odelay 1996 Special issue of DGCD-24823
Geffen GEFD-24927 (Various artists) Global Grooves 1997
Geffen GEFD-24928
Geffen GEFD-24929
Geffen GEFD-24930
Geffen GEFD-24931
Geffen GEFD-24932 Manowar Louder Than Hell 1996 Special issue of GEFD-24925
Geffen GEFD-24933
Geffen 424 934-2 Young, Neil Trans/Old Ways/Lucky 13 1999 International threefer of GHS 2018, GHS 24068, GEFD-24452
Geffen 424 935-2 Aerosmith Done With Mirrors/Pump/Permanent Vacation 1999 International threefer of GHS 24091, GHS 24162, GHS 24254
Geffen 425 934-2 Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction/Lies/The Spaghetti Incident 2001 International threefer of GHS 24148, GHS 24198, GEFD-24617
Geffen GEFD-24937
Geffen GEFD-24938
Geffen GEFD-24939 Misfits American Psycho 1997
Geffen GED-24940 Linoleum Dissent 1997 International issue only?
Geffen GEFD-24941
Geffen GEFD-24942
Geffen GEFD-24943
Geffen GEFD-24944
Geffen GEFD-24945
Geffen GED-24946 Loeb, Lisa Firecracker 1997 International issue of GEFD-25141
Geffen GEFD-24947
Geffen GEFD-24948
Geffen GEFD-24949
Geffen GEFD-24950
DGC DGCD-24951 Mann, Aimee I'm With Stupid 1996
Geffen GEFD-24952 Cowboy Junkies Lay It Down 1996
Geffen GEFD-24953
Geffen GEFD-24954 Hall, James Pleasure Club 1996
Geffen GEFD-24955
DGC DGCD-24956 Mann, Aimee Whatever 1995
DGC DGCD-24957 Raincoats Looking in the Shadows 1996
DGC DGCD-24958 Hole Nothing Sacred 1996
DGC DGCD-24959 Harvester Me Climb Mountain 1996
Geffen GEFD-24960 Lode Legs & Arms 1996
DGC DGCD-24961 Sugarplastic Bang the Earth is Round 1996
DGC DGCD-24962 Sammy Tales of Great Neck Glory 1996
DGC DGCD-24963 (Various artists) Buy-Product 2: Brief Encounters 1996
Geffen GEFD-24964 Wylde, Zakk Book of Shadows 1996
Geffen GEFD-24965 Noa Calling 1996
DGC DGCD-24966 60 ft Dolls Big 3, The 1996
Geffen GEFD-24967
Geffen GEFD-24968
DGC DGCD5-24969 Ubu, Pere Datapanik in the Year Zero 1996 5 CDs
Geffen GEFD-24970 (Motion picture soundtrack) Flirting With Disaster 1996
Geffen GEFD-24971 Killah Priest Heavy Mental 1998
DGC DGCD-24972 Roots Illadelph Halflife 1996
DGC DGCD-24973 Wild Colonials This Can't Be Life 1996
Geffen GEFD-24974
DGC DGCD-24975 Counting Crows Recovering the Satellites 1996
Geffen GEFD-24976 White Zombie Supersexy Swingin' Sounds 1996
Geffen GEFD-24977
Geffen GEFD-24978 Metheny, Pat Group Quartet 1996
GEFD-24979 - GEFD-24999 appear to have been skipped.

25000 ho!

Geffen Records reached the monumental catalogue numbering milestone of 25000 (or technically, 25001) in 1996. Which meant...nothing, really. Other than that the company had managed to withstand 13 years and counting without a major sequencing change.

David Geffen himself had stepped down from the label by this time.

Geffen GEFD-25000
Geffen GEFD-25001 Bramhall, Doyle II . 1996
Geffen GEFD-25002 (Motion picture soundtrack) Beavis and Butt-Head Do America 1996
DGC DGCD-25003 Frosted Cold 1996
Geffen GEFD-25004 Holliday, Jennifer Best of, The 1996
Geffen GEFD-25005
DGC DGCD-25006 Sugartooth Sounds of Solid 1997
DGC DGCD-25007 Weezer Pinkerton 1996
Geffen GEFD-25008 Dear Janes No Skin 1997
Geffen GEFD-25009 10,000 Maniacs Love Among the Ruins 1997
GEFD-25010 - GEFD-25101 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GEFD-25102 (Various artists) Global Grooves Remixes 1997
Geffen GEFD-25103 (Motion picture soundtrack) Curdled 1996
Geffen GEFD-25104
DGC DGCD-25105 Nirvana From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah 1996
Geffen GEFD-25106 White Zombie Supersexy Swingin' Sounds 1996 Edited issue of GEFD-24976
Geffen GEFD-25107 (Various artists) Just Say Noël 1996
Geffen GEFD-25108 Gooch Lot on It 1997
Geffen GEFD-25109
Geffen GEFD-25110 Snot Get Some 1997
DGC DGCD-25111 Roots Illadelph Halflife 1996 Edited issue of DGCD-24972
Geffen GEFD-25112
Geffen GEFD-25113
Geffen GEFD-25114
Geffen GEFD-25115 That Dog Retreat From the Sun 1997
Geffen GEFD-25116
Geffen GEFD-25117
Geffen GEFD-25118 Metheny, Pat Group Quartet 1996
Geffen GEFD-25119 Garrison Starr Eighteen Over Me 1997
DGC DGCD-25120 Sugartooth Sounds of Solid 1997
DGC DGCD-25121 (Motion picture soundtrack) Suburbia 1997
Geffen GEFD-25122 Wang Chung Everybody Wang Chung Tonight: Greatest Hits 1997
Geffen GEFD-25123 Quarterflash Harden My Heart: The Best of 1997
Geffen GEFD-25124 Bloodhound Gang One Fierce Beer Coaster 1996
Geffen GEFD-25125
Geffen GEFD-25126 Misfits American Psycho 1997
DGC DGCD-25127 Black Lab Your Body Above Me 1997
Geffen GEFD-25128 Big Blue Hearts . 1997
Geffen GEFD-25129 Mommyheads . 1997
DGC DGCD-25130 Linoleum Dissent 1997
DGC DGCD-25131 Sundays Static & Silence 1997
Geffen GEFD-25132
Geffen GEFD-25133 Phantom Planet Is Missing 1998
Geffen GEFD-25134 Seahorses Do It Yourself 1997
Geffen GEFD-25135
Geffen GEFD-25136
Geffen GEFD-25137 XTC Upsy Daisy Assortment 1997
Geffen GEFD-25138
Geffen GEFD-25139
DGC DGCD-25140 Sweet 75 . 1997
Geffen GEFD-25141 Loeb, Lisa Firecracker 1997
Geffen GEFD-25142 A3 Exile on Coldharbour Lane 1997
Geffen GEFD-25143 Melony Satisfaction 1996
Geffen GEFD-25144 (Various artists) Infinite Beat, Vol. 1 1997
Geffen GEFD-25145 Madness Total: The Very Best of 1997
Geffen GEFD-25146
Geffen GEFD-25147
Geffen GEFD-25148
Geffen GEFD-25149
Geffen GEFD-25150
Geffen GEFD-25151 (Various artists) Vintage 80's, Vol. 2 1997
Geffen GEFD-25152 Fluorescein High Contrast Comedown 1997
Geffen GEFD-25153 Slowpoke Virgin Stripes 1998
DGC DGCD-25154 Southern Culture on the Skids Plastic Seat Sweat 1997
Geffen GEFD-25155
DGC DGCD-25156 Girls Against Boys Freak*on*ica 1998
Geffen GEFD-25157
Geffen GEFD-25158 A3 Exile on Coldharbour Lane 1997 Special issue of GEFD-25142
Geffen GEFD-25159 Fulks, Robbie Let's Kill Saturday Night 1998
Geffen GEFD-25160
Geffen GEFD-25161 She Moves Breaking All the Rules 1997
Geffen GEFD-25162 Cuckoo Breathing Lessons 1998
DGC DGCD-25163 Pitchshifter 1998
DGC DGCD-25164 Hole Celebrity Skin 1998
DGC DGCD-25165 Embrace Good Will Out, The 1998
Geffen GEFD-25166 Pure Sugar . 1998
DGC DGCD-25167 Ghastly Ones A-Haunting We Will Go-Go 1998
GEFD-25168 - GEFD-25183 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GEFD-25184 Beck Mutations 1998
Geffen GEFD-25185 Bloodhound Gang One Fierce Beer Coaster 1998 Special issue of GEFD-25124
Geffen GEFD-25186
Geffen GEFD-25187
Geffen GEFD-25188 Beck Mutations 1998 Special issue of DGCD-25184
Geffen GEFDE-25189 Hole Celebrity Skin 1998 International issue of DGCD-25164
GEFD-25190 - GEFD-25200 appear to have been skipped.
Geffen GEFD-25201 Cowboy Junkies Miles From Our Home 1998
Geffen GEFD-25202 Stradlin, Izzy 117° 1998
DGC DGCD-25203 Sonic Youth Thousand Leaves, A 1998
Geffen GEFD-25204
Geffen GEFD-25205 Kai . 1998
DGC DGCD-25206 Pere Ubu Modern Dance 1998
DGC DGCD-25207 Pere Ubu Terminal Tower 1998
Geffen GEFD-25208
Geffen GEFD-25209
Geffen GEFD-25210
Geffen GEFD-25211
Geffen GEFD-25212 Zombie, Rob Hellbilly Deluxe 1998
DGC DGCD-25213 Bomboras Head Shrinkin' Fun! 1998
DGC DGCD-25214 (Various artists) Halloween Hootenanny 1998
Geffen GEFD-25215
Geffen GEFD-25216
Geffen GEFD-25217
Geffen GEFD-25218 (Motion picture soundtrack) Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas 1998
Geffen GEFD-25219 (Motion picture soundtrack) Permanent Midnight 1998
Geffen GEFD-25220 (Television soundtrack) Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1998
Geffen GEFD2-25221 Aerosmith Little South of Sanity, A 1998 2 CDs
DGC DGCD2-25222 Counting Crows Across a Wire: Live in New York City 1998 2 CDs
Geffen GEFD-25223
Geffen GEFD-25224 (Various artists) Geffen Vintage 80s Presents: It Rocks!! 1998
Geffen GEFD-25225 Keene, Tommy Songs from the Film 1998
Geffen GEFD2-25226 Counting Crows Across a Wire: Live in New York City 1998 2 CDs. International issue of DGCD2-25222
Geffen GEFD-25227 Maarja First in Line 1998
Geffen GEFD-25228 Caramel . 1998
Geffen GEFD-25229 Cowboy Junkies Miles From Our Home 1998 Special issue of GEFD-25201
GEFD-25230 - GEFD-25299 appear to have been skipped.
DGC DGCD-25300 Remy Zero Villa Elaine 1998
Geffen GEFD-25301
Geffen GEFD-25302 Jackyl Choice Cuts 1998
Geffen GEFD-25303
Geffen GEFD-25304 Lone Justice This World Is Not My Home 1999
Geffen GEFD-25305 Zombie, Rob Hellbilly Deluxe 1998 Edited issue of GEFD-25212
Geffen GEFD-25306
Geffen GEFD-25307
Geffen GEFD2-25308 Aerosmith Little South of Sanity, A 1998 Edited issue of GEFD2-25221
Geffen GEFD-25309 Beck Mutations 1998 Special issue of DGCD-25184
Geffen GEFD-25310 (Motion picture soundtrack) Babe: Pig in the City 1998
Geffen GEFD-25311
Geffen GEFD-25312
Geffen GEFD-25313 (Motion picture soundtrack) Psycho 1999
Geffen GEFD2-25314 Aerosmith Little South of Sanity, A 1998 Special issue of GEFD2-25221
Geffen GEFD-25315
Geffen GEFD-25316
Geffen GEFD-25317
Geffen GEFD-25318
Geffen GEFD2-25319 Gabriel, Peter Plays Live 1998 2 CDs. Previously 2GHS 4012

The label's end...and afterlifes.

When Geffen sold to MCA in 1990, the fate of the label became forever tied to the fate of an capitalistic entity larger than itself.

MCA was sold to Matsushita (a.k.a. Panasonic), then resold to unusual buyer if there ever was one. MCA was also formally renamed "Universal Studios, Inc.," and its record division "Universal Music Group." Initially, these changes had little impact at the label level. The record industry was riding high in the 1990s, and it was Business As Usual at Geffen and Universal as suits rearranged the chairs on the upper floors.

Seagram at the time was run by Edgar Bronfman, an executive determined to diversify by hook or by crook, whatever it took. And if running one music business was good for the firm, how about two? First, Bronfman set his sights on EMI...but EMI wasn't for sale. Then, PolyGram came into the picture. PolyGram was huge, particularly in Europe. It controlled labels like Mercury, Island, and A&M. And like MCA three years before, the company was owned by an electronics giant that wanted out.

In May 1998, Universal announced that it would acquire PolyGram for a gargantuan $10.6 billion. This time, however, it would not be Business As Usual. PolyGram and Universal had too much redundancy; too many expensive "boutique" projects; too many labels undergoing dry spells. $10.6 billion was a huge amount of money, and the suits wanted a return.

On January 15, 1999, the other shoe dropped and the shotgun merger commenced. Over 3,000 staff received pink slips on one day. Entire label operations that had thrived for decades were consolidated and shuttered. Geffen Records was shorn of its staff, offices, and A&R...and so were their cross-town rivals at A&M. Both had their trademarks and artist contracts transferred to Interscope...a fledgling label that hadn't even existed ten years earlier. Such ended the tale of two established names in music, with the longer-established A&M arguably the more tragic loss.

Yet somehow, that wasn't the end of the story. In 1999, 2000, and later, Interscope continued to crank out albums bearing the Geffen and DGC logos...both for established Geffen artists (such as Peter Gabriel and the Counting Crows) and for new talent. And that's how things have remained, through to the present day.

In a strange and ironic twist, Geffen was then consolidated with onetime parent label MCA...with the consolidated operation taking on the Geffen name, and being extended to back-catalogue product! Suddenly, decades-old Decca, Coral, and Kapp material from the MCA vaults started showing up in record stores bearing the logic-defying Geffen logo. And that's how things have remained, through to the present day.

So, in summary: Geffen Records no longer exists in anything other than an "in name only" sense, but Bill Haley and Buddy Holly are now Geffen artists. That's one thing I never counted on in 2003!

Neither I nor this site are affiliated with Geffen Records/The David Geffen Company, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, Vivendi Universal, or whoever the hell owns the assets of the company nowadays. This is not a catalog or price guide. I have nothing here for sale. And that's enough!

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