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Way back in summer of 1998 I attended Wesleyan Summer Gifted Program at West Virginia Wesleyan University in Buckhannon, WV, where I had the opportunity to learn, code, and compile a trio of simple "programs" with Visual BASIC 5. Since I don't own Visual BASIC and don't actively program, development of these programs has long ceased.

I have put these three programs up for free download to anyone interested. These require the Visual Basic 5 Runtime if you don't already have it installed. These programs have been extensively tested under Windows 95 and NT 4.0, and should also work in later versions. They will not run under any configuration of Windows 3.1.

Feel free to freely distribute these, as long as you provide the courtesy of giving credit to Andrew Turnbull and referring to my site.

AT Colorectangle version 1.0 screen shot

AT Colorectangle version 1.0.

Build 19980709. This is a basically useless utility that theoretically displays various shapes in various colors.

ISSUES: I accidently hard-coded part of the background gray so that it looks odd with unusual color schemes like the one above. More significantly, none of the shape options from "Square, sharp" down work, and once "Rectangle, rounded" is selected you can't change it back.

AT Not Much of a Calculator for Windows screen shot

AT Not Much of a Calculator for Windows.

Build 19980709. A functional but clumsy calculator intended for simple operations.

ISSUES: The "Addition" option does not work.

AT Temperature Conversion for Windows screen shot

AT Temperature Conversion for Windows.

Build 19980710. A handy tool for converting degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius and back again.
ISSUES: Believe it or not none that I know of.

Containing atclc.exe, atclrec.exe, and attempcv.exe. (21KB)
The source code for all three programs! Feel free to compile, modify, or do whatever you want with this.

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