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Month Codes

In 1946, Wisconsin became the first state in the nation to adopt a staggered registration system utilizing all twelve months of the year. From then until the discontinuation of the 1980 baseplate between 1986 and 1993, Wisconsin license plates bore a serial prefix keyed to the month of expiration:

1946-52 1953-60 1961-86 [Wisconsin 1947]
[Wisconsin 1957]
[Wisconsin 1986]
Jan 1 A A, B
Feb 2 B C, D
Mar 3 C E, F
Apr 4 D G, H
May 5 E J, K
Jun 6 H L, M
Jul 7 J N, P
Aug 8 K Q, R
Sep 9 L S, T
Oct 10 P U, V
Nov 11 T W, X
Dec 12 V Y, Z

Weight Codes

Weight class letters appeared on passenger license plates from 1924 to 1931, and on most truck and trailer plates from 1924 on. Information on early weight codes is a bit incomplete. The weight code appears as the top letter on plates with stacked two-alpha prefixes.

Pounds 1924-31
1935-41 1947-77 1978-date [Wisconsin 1926]
[Wisconsin 1955 truck]
[Wisconsin 1980 truck]
[Wisconsin 2006 truck]
[Wisconsin 1959 insert truck]
[Wisconsin 2005/08 insert truck]
[Wisconsin 1981 insert trailer]
[Wisconsin 2010 motor home]
1600 A
2000 B
2800 C
3000 A A A
4000 D
4500 E1 B B B A2
6000 C C C B
8000 D D C
10000 E E X
12000 D F F D
14000 G G
16000 H H E
18000 J J
20000 E K K F
22000 F3 L L
24000 M M
26000 N G
28000 R
30000 S4
32000 T H
34000 V
36000 N X
38000 XA, Y J
40000 XB, YA
42000 XC, YB
44000 XD, YC K
46000 XE, YD
48000 YE
50000 YF L
52000 YG
54000 YH M
56000 YJ N
58000 YK
60000 XF, YM
62000 P
64000 YN
66000 YR
68000 YS Q
70000 YT 14000 lbs or over
25000 lbs for motor homes
320000 lbs or over
428000 lbs or over for farm trucks
571500 lbs for dairy trucks
626000 lbs or over for motor homes
71000 YU5
72000 YV
73000 YX-YZ R
76000 S
80000 T6

Constant Prefixes and Suffixes

The following letters apply as constants in some non-passenger serial formats to help indicate the type of plate:

Letter(s) Format Type When used [Wisconsin 1976 driver education]
[Wisconsin 2013 bus]
[Wisconsin 1998 farm]
[Wisconsin 2008 Green Bay Packers]
[Wisconsin 2010 Lao Veterans of America]
[Wisconsin 2009 Vietnam War Veteran]
[Wisconsin 2009 sesquicentennial]
[Wisconsin 2008/09 apportioned]
[Wisconsin 2009 mobile home]
[Wisconsin 2010 dealer]
[Wisconsin 2008 school]
[Wisconsin 2000 ZA trailer]
[Wisconsin 2009 human service vehicle]
[Wisconsin 2001 disabled]
[Wisconsin 2009 disabled veteran]
A A 1234 Driver Education 1975-93
B 12345B Bus 2004-date
D D123 Disabled Motorcycle 1991-date
D12345 Ducks Unlimited passenger 2001-date
12345D Disabled Late 1990s-date
E 12345E Endangered Resources passenger 1995-date
F 123456F Farm Truck 1994-date
G 12345G Green Bay Packers passenger 2001-date
K 12345K Celebrate Children passenger 1999-date
L L12345 Lao Veterans of America, Freemason passenger 2001-date
M M12-345 Municipal 1958-60
12345M Military group passenger 2006-date
N 12345N Guard Member 2007-date
P 12345P Gold Star Family passenger 2006-date
R 12345R Civilian group passenger 2006-date
S 12345S Donate Life passenger 2008-date
T 12345T
Sesquicentennial passenger 1997-98
U 12345U University group passenger 2006-date
V VA12 Veteran Motorcycle 2002-date
12345V Disabled Veteran 2009-date
W 12345W Apportioned 2000s-date
X 12345X Special-X 1954-98
Y 12345Y Salutes Veterans passenger 2006-date
Z Z1234 Moped 1978-80
Z 1234 Special-Z 1967-79
BX BX 1234
12345 BX
BX Bus 1956-2004
CR CR 12345 Canadian Reciprocity 1955-66
CT 1234CT Camping Trailer 1978-97
DA DA 1234 Disabled 1967-79
DE 12345 DE Driver Education 1993-2004
ER 12345 ER Endangered Resources passenger 2010-date
LS 1234 LS Low Speed Vehicle 2008-date
LZ LZ 1234 Loaner 1976-86
MB MB 1234 Municipal Bus 1969-72
MH MH 12345
MH A1234
Mobile Home 1958-2008
MU 12345 MU Marquette University passenger 2010-date
MV MV 1234 A
MV 1234AB
Motor Vehicle Business 1996-date
PR PR 12345 Permit Reciprocity 1956-71
RV RV 1234 A RV Dealer 1993-date
12345 RV RV Trailer 2008-date
SB SB 1234
12345 SB
School Bus 1957-72, 1998-2004
SP 12345 SP Special-X 1998-date
ST ST 12345 Apportioned Semi Trailer 2001
TL TL 1234 A Trailer Demonstrator/Dealer 1996-date
UX UX 1234 Special-UX 1956-79
ZA ZA 12345
12345 ZA
Light Trailer 1978-date
ZY ZY 1234
Human Service Vehicle 1979-date
ZZ ZZ 1234
For Hire 1972-2004
DIS DIS 1234
DIS A123
Disabled 1979-90s
DUP DUP 1234 Duplicate 1939-45
Ex-Prisoner of War 1980-date
VET VET 1234 Disabled Veteran 1956-2009
DUPL DUPL 1234 Duplicate 1928-38

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