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[Welcome!] to the Andrew Turnbull License Plate information, hobby, and history website devoted to the interesting field of vehicle registration plates.

Why do I take an interest in such a topic? It's difficult to pinpoint a single reason, but there were many different factors to take into consideration: Their varied colours, distinctive captions, hidden codes, geographical significance, and association with both numbers and transportation were but some of the reasons why they appealed to me. Everyone deserves to have a unique or eccentric hobby, and with this I am no exception.

[Kentucky 1985 unknown type]

Mystery Corner: Solved!

In 2014, I acquired this 1985-dated Kentucky plate for my collection. I had no idea what it was: The format was similar to that of a truck plate; however, truck plates were stamped with a weight class at the bottom and were blue and white, not black. Since it was in mint, never-issued condition, I suspected it might be a prototype or test plate. The serial seemed far too random for that, however.

After three years of inquiries, I finally have an answer: It's a first-issue Extended Weight plate! This was a short-lived type, issued to coal trucks loaded in excess of 82,000 pounds, that granted them the ability to drive on designated routes between mines and railroads. 1986 and 1987 issues were embossed with a shovel-and-pickaxe graphic, then for 1988 this type was discontinued and replaced by permit stickers on the body of the truck.

As a side note, I can only guess that the coal-black colour scheme was devised to match the lungs of the labourers forced to mine the filthy stuff. Thank dog dirty energy is dying!


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