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Researching the history and schematics of motor vehicle registration plates.

Please note: Wisconsin license plates are a difficult subject for me to discuss since I came to associate them with a painful seven-year period of my life I wish I could rewind and erase. For this reason, these pages have not been actively updated since 2013.

This website has no connection to any government entity or issuing agency; but is rather intended for license plate collectors and others with an interest in the subject.

Pages with the with tables icon include data tables.

Index of types:

Amateur RadioAntiqueAntique MotorcycleApportionedApportioned TrailerBus, BXBus, InsertBus, SchoolCabinCollectorCollector MotorcycleCollector SpecialDealerDealer, MotorcycleDemonstratorDistributorDistributor, MotorcycleDisabledDisabled VeteranDriver EducationDriver Education MotorcycleDual Purpose FarmDual Purpose VehicleEx-Prisoner of WarFarm TrailerFarm TruckFarm Truck, HeavyFinance CompanyHistoric Military VehicleHobbyistHobbyist MotorcycleIn-TransitLow SpeedManufacturerManufacturer, MotorcycleMilitary PassengerMobile HomeMopedMotor HomeMotorcycleMotorcycle, DisabledMunicipalMunicipal MotorcycleOccupational PassengerOfficialPassenger VehiclePermit ReciprocityPersonalized PassengerRV TrailerReserved-series and carryover formatsSnowmobile & ATV DealerSpecial-Issue PassengerSpecial-UXSpecial-XSpecial-ZState OwnedState PatrolTax OnlyTractorTrailer, Camping Trailer, InsertTrailer, SemiTrailer, "ZA"TransporterTruck, InsertTruck, LightTruck, Light for Hire (Insert A-C)"ZY" (Human Service Vehicle)"ZZ" (For Hire)

Image Credit Notations

The vast majority of photographs were captured by the site author between 2009 and 2013:

(at): Personal collection
(at): All photographs not taken at a hobby event.
(at)1: Spring 2009 Waupun, WI DLPCC meet
(at)2: 2009 Erie, PA ALPCA convention
(at)3: Fall 2009 Crivitz, WI meet
(at)4: Spring 2010 Burlington, WI meet
(at)5: 2010 Wauconda, IL MAPA meet
(at)6: Fall 2010 Milwaukee, WI meet
(at)7: 2011 Charleston, WV ALPCA convention
(at)8: 2012 Des Moines, IA ALPCA convention
(at)9: Spring 2013 Burlington, WI DLPCC meet

Other contributors are indicated as follows:

(BA): Brad Anderson
(CJC): Cody James Corbett
(DN): David Nicholson
(GW): Gary Walker
(JA): John Andree
(JF): Joe Farrenkopf
(JM): Jim Moini
(JS): Joseph Sallmen
(ME): Mark Ellingsworth
(PM): Peter Madsen
(SD): Salvatore Dodd
(SO): Shane Oake
(T): The Triborough Organization
(V): David ("VIC-369")

Special thanks to Eric Tanner for assistance with confirmed serial range data.

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