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Please note: I no longer reside in Wisconsin or actively collect Wisconsin plates, and this page has not been revised since 2013.

Obviously, the "extremes" have gotten a little more extreme since then!

All the pictures on this particular page are of currently-used or fairly current license plates photographed in use on actual vehicles. If you have a photo of something in active use either higher or lower than what you see here, submissions are very much welcome! In addition, observers are welcome to submit their highest spottings to the Wisconsin Highs page of

The idea for this page was stolen wholesale from Royce's Alaskan License Plate site. Wisconsin often replaces older passenger car and light truck plates on a gradual and haphazard basis; so tracking the oldest extent of that is a bit of a challenge in itself.

Type Oldest spotted Newest spotted
Passenger (red/white) [Wisconsin passenger]
Expected: UAA ought to be the oldest series in use now, though there are illicit exceptions.
[Wisconsin passenger]
Expected: WRE-999
Passenger (black/white) [Wisconsin passenger]
Expected: 101-AAA
[Wisconsin passenger]
Expected: Ongoing
Sesquicentennial [Wisconsin sesquicentennial]
Expected: 10001T
[Wisconsin sesquicentennial]
Expected: DW999T
Disabled (D series) [Wisconsin disabled]
Expected: 30001D
[Wisconsin disabled]
Expected: 99999D
Disabled (DS series)
Expected: 10001 DS
[Wisconsin disabled]
Expected: Ongoing
Motor Home [Wisconsin motor home]
Expected: 10001
[Wisconsin motor home]
Expected: One-letter prefix; ongoing
Light Truck (all-numeric) [Wisconsin truck]
Expected: 100001. All red/white plates should be replaced by now.
[Wisconsin truck]
Expected: 999999
Light Truck (two-alpha) [Wisconsin truck]
Expected: AA1001
[Wisconsin truck]
Expected: Ongoing
Farm [Wisconsin farm]
Expected: 200001F; though a few older plates like this are still in use.
[Wisconsin farm]
Expected: Ongoing
Apportioned [Wisconsin apportioned]
Expected: 1?
[Wisconsin apportioned]
Expected: Soon to be 99999W followed by a new format.
Semi Trailer [Wisconsin semi trailer]
Expected: 200001
[Wisconsin semi trailer]
Expected: Ongoing
Mobile Home/
RV Trailer
[Wisconsin mobile home]
Expected: MH 10001
[Wisconsin RV trailer]
Expected: RV suffix; ongoing
Bus [Wisconsin bus]
Expected: 1001B
[Wisconsin bus]
Expected: Ongoing
Motorcycle [Wisconsin motorcycle]
Expected: 1?
[Wisconsin motorcycle]
Expected: Soon to be 9999 Z followed by a new format.
Moped [Wisconsin moped]
Expected: 10 01
[Wisconsin moped]
Expected: A000A format; ongoing

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