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Insert Bus

Insert Bus (or Gross Weight Bus, or "regular" Bus) plates are issued chiefly to chartered coaches, and are an interesting hybrid of designs. They display the weight codes and insert stickers of Insert Truck plates; yet often featured colors and replacement cycles more comparable to those of passenger plates.

[Wisconsin 1970 bus]

1968-71 (at)

[Wisconsin undated bus]

1995-2004? (at)1

[Wisconsin undated bus]

Narrow stacked letters (at)1

[Wisconsin 1998 bus]

Narrow stacked letters (at)2

[Wisconsin 2013 bus]


[Wisconsin 2006/2010 bus]


[Wisconsin 2012 bus]


BX Bus

This 1928 "City Bus" plate appeared on eBay in March 2007. Although it's without precedent, I assume it was a precursor of the BX Bus type:

BX Bus plates are intended for privately-operated urban mass transit vehicles. They carry a constant December expiration.

[Wisconsin 1973 BX bus]


[Wisconsin 2010 bus]


[Wisconsin 2013 bus]


School Bus

School Bus plates have gone through numerous formats and incarnations over the years. Early plates closely followed the conventions of Insert Truck plates; complete with weight codes and provision for a tab. A constant "SB" prefix was implemented from 1957 to 1972. Many School Bus plates carry an expiration month of June, coinciding with the end of the school year; though 1962-75 and 1988-98 issues expired in December. On-plate inspection stickers were introduced in the 1970s.

In late 2004, the previous Insert Bus, BX Bus, and School Bus types began to be combined into a consolidated "Bus" class. Plates issued to school buses may continue to be identified, however, by their inspection stickers and five-year June expirations.

[Wisconsin 1958 school]


[Wisconsin 1970 school]

Unissued transposition error (at)1

[Wisconsin 1971 school]


[Wisconsin 1987 school]

Centered serial (at)

[Wisconsin 1993 school]

1988-93 (at)3

[Wisconsin 1998 school]

1993-94 (JM)

[Wisconsin 1998 school]

1994-98 (at)3

[Wisconsin 2008 school]

1998-2004 (at)1

[Wisconsin 2013 bus]

2004- (at)

[Wisconsin 2013 bus]


Driver Education

Special plates for use on academic driver education program vehicles were introduced in 1975. The original black-on-red issue was evidently validated until 1988; afterwards, several series of plates were introduced adhering to the colors and replacement cycles of School Bus plates. Issuance of Driver Education plates was discontinued after 2004; however, some earlier plates remain in use.

[Wisconsin 1976 driver education]

1975-88 (at)2

[Wisconsin 1993 driver education]

1988-93 (at)4

[Wisconsin 1998 driver education]

1993-98 (at)2

[Wisconsin 2003 driver education]

1998-2004 (at)8

Driver Education Motorcycle

[Wisconsin undated driver education motorcycle]

1988-93 (at)8

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