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Welcome to the personal website of Andrew Turnbull. This outpost features tons of stupefying and trivial things pertaining to various and diverse interests of mine. Chances are, if there's something I know about or like that doesn't much other representation on the 'net...there's a bit of it here.

The front page updates every week. And it is just a static page.

September 2017 Archive

25 September 2017

[Yellow and orange arrows] [Yellow and orange arrows] [Yellow and orange arrows]

Deep within the bowels of the sprawling medical sciences building at Western University, a mysterious set of orange and yellow arrowheads are embedded into the floor. Both sets start near a stairway landing and run parallel for a bit, before turning respectively left and right.

But where do these paths go? In the case of the orange arrowheads, nowhere at all: The pointers end at a spot along a plain, unadorned wall. The yellow arrows lead to an alcove in the corridor, where a door obviously existed at one time...but there's no passing through this way, either. This level of the building had its layout reconfigured at some point in the recent past, and the arrows are simply artifacts that persist from an earlier time.

But where did they once lead? And why were these arrows added to the terrazzo in the first place? Maybe the answers are out there...but if they are, they're probably buried in the annals of dusty blueprints or the memory banks of student classes that have long since graduated and moved on...

11 September 2017

[Andrew Turnbull]

Things have changed. I've decided to go back to school, and I've left the shitshow of the States for brighter skies and a better future.

Things have changed online, too. I've changed the banner to a warm, NDP-esque shade of orange. I'm going to start posting something new on the front page every week or two...a picture there, a reflection there. In the meantime, enjoy The Ontario Project. -AT

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