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Doom Episode 3 Walkthrough

At the conclusion of Episode 2, your character learns that the moon of Deimos has been transformed into a gateway of invasive malevolence, floating above Hell itself. Unfazed, you descend to the surface of Hell to apprehend the architect of the invasion...knowing full well that the places and dangers you experience will go beyond the limits of what is even conceivable on Earth.

Interestingly, Doom's episode order wasn't finalized until very late in the game's development, and the game was originally planned with the expectation that the player would venture directly into Hell after completing their objectives on Phobos or Tei Tenga. Episodes 2 and 3 were ultimately swapped, perhaps because the thematic ratcheting of "Techbase"→"Corrupted Techbase"→"Hell" flowed better. Most of the levels in Episode 3 were created by Sandy Petersen, who had a skill for channeling psychological horror and places "not of Earth."

This walkthrough is focused on the objective of exploring all areas. Throughout the page, points to "official" secrets counted in the end-of-level tally, and ▶ points to other hidden areas.

E3M1: Hell Keep


The horrors begin immediately. The player starts off in a confined space surfaced in "hellgrowth:" A repugnant web of flesh and bone. The pink "pelt" before you is actually an eye switch that raises the platform, leaving you on the surface of a hot and desolate world. Walk to the red gate, and open it by pushing the left skull switch. Follow the left fork of the passageway until you reach a walkway landing in a pit of blood. ▶ RUN to the other edge of the pit before the walkway collapses under you (picking up the shotgun along the way), and walk through the wall on the other side: It's actually a holographic barrier. Inside, you'll find a passage that leads back to the first landing. ▶ If you fall into the pit, head to the wrinkle in the north wall: There's a passageway here that leads back to the landing, hidden by another one-sided holographic barrier.

Follow the passageway back to the fork you passed earlier, turn left, and open the door emblazoned with skulls. You're in another outdoor area decorated by a lonely tree. Go through the door on the opposite side, and follow the passageway to a room with red columns. Several bonus items are available here. The panel with the horned head is a one-way door leading to the exit portal. 1 ▶ There's a hidden door on the left wall of the interstitial room, concealing a rocket launcher. To activate the exit, go through the following door and step on the teleport.


E3M2: Slough of Despair


As one glance at the map will attest, "Slough of Despair" is based on the layout of a human hand. The player enters from the east side of the wrist. A series of rough-hewn stone pillars on the palm hide a slew of bonus items...and enemies. A Berserk pack is available in a crevice on the west side, opposite the junction with the thumb. 1 ▶ At the junction of the palm and little finger, there's a rock formation shaped like an arrow from overhead. It points to a hidden door housing a plasma gun and medikit.

Once you're done exploring the palm, start exploring the digits. The thumb begins on the east side, where blue fluid pools in craters in the rock. 2 ▶ Further up, you'll see a small lava pit in the left wall. Standing here will cause a barrier to retract, revealing a chaingun.

Next is the index finger. Six zombies stand on platforms against the left wall. ▶ Shoot at them, and a pillar will retract into a red triangle on the floor. Step on it and the platforms will lower, netting you a few armour bonuses. As you progress up the finger, the door behind you will close. To get back out again, push the skull switch on the fingertip. The skull switch also causes the wall behind it to retract, revealing a box of rockets and an energy cell pack.

Now, the middle finger. ▶ As you cross the blue puddle, an ambush door will open on a pillar behind you with a couple items within. Follow the length of the finger past the Lost Souls and serpentine barriers (and a second ambush door, to boot) until you reach the tip. 3 ▶ An arrow on the floor points to a switch on the left. Push it, and a barrier will open revealing a soul sphere. ▶ Push the other switch and a second barrier will open, unleashing a spectre.

Skip over the ring finger: Go to the little finger first, and get the [blue key] blue key. When you return, a platform at the base will be revealed, with numerous health bonuses. As you retrieve the bonuses, a triangular column will rise, exposing a switch on the side. Hit the switch and a barrier at the end of the little finger's tip will retract, unleashing another spectre and revealing a computer area map.

Now it's time for the ring finger. Walk into the digit, and open the [blue door] blue door to reveal a skull switch. Hit the switch and a platform will lower, letting you reach the exit at the tip of the finger.


E3M3: Pandemonium


"Pandemonium" is Episode 3's most atypical level, and has by far the most complicated backstory of any map in the game. Originally it was intended as a central hub for the UAC base in Episode 1, with multiple exits reflecting the non-linear level progression floated during a portion of Doom's development. These plans were ultimately scrapped, and numerous maps were shuffled out of their initial placement due to a reduction in intended levels per episode and creative changes following Tom Hall's summer 1993 departure from Id.

This map's origins are apparent through its dense design (typical of Hall's maps), and linear corridors. There are even a few places in the level where brushed stainless steel textures and UAC-type switches are still visible, betraying its origins. Yet somehow, it works. The effect of this level is one of a human-built UAC techbase that's been commandeered, corrupted, and damaged by forces of Hell even further than the Deimos facilities in Episode 2; a frightening mindscrew where the sensible and inexplicable become one.

You enter the level through one of four passages on the south end, opening into a dark lobby area with a central staircase and two empty guard posts. ▶ The other three passageways behind you contain items you can collect. In the level's early development as the Control Centre of Tei Tenga, this room served as a transition point: To the left were passageways leading to laboratory facilities, while to the right was Warehouse 1.

The "Warehouse 1" side of the level isn't necessary for completion, but we'll explore it first. Follow the right corridor past the cages of skulls until you enter a portion with alternating lit and shadowed "rings." ▶ The first shadowed "ring" hides a niche to the left with a couple items. 1 ▶ Meanwhile in the last "ring," there's a passage to the right leading to a room with a poison pit, a room with a lava pit, and finally a room with just a pit...and no way to cross. 2 ▶ Drop in, and press the lion's face on the right wall: The platform will rise, letting you continue down the passage to an area with a rocket launcher and backpack of ammo. A second passage out of this room will take you to the lava pit, and net you a Berserk pack.

Find your way back to the corridor, and turn right: There's a baron portrait on the wall; though there's no Baron to fight on lower difficulty levels. 3 ▶ A passage to the left leads to a pit of toxic waste, with a chaingun out of sight in an alcove on the right wall. Ahead is a room with three columns that appear to be made of animated intestines. A fourth intestinal column sits in a wooden room just beyond. Turn left at this point, and follow the wooden steps up to a door at the top. Open it, and you'll find yourself crossing over to the level's original laboratory area.

Go straight ahead past the body on the spindle, and follow the passage down the stairs to a room of vandalized computer equipment with scrolling walls. Some items are hidden in the central passage. Go out the other side of the room over the toxic pit, follow the corridor, and you'll be back in the lobby again.

Follow the central stairs, which lead to an elevated open-air area with wood panelling. ▶ If you hit the skull switch on the back wall, a shotgun will be lowered in the middle of the room. Also near the back are two steep staircases to maze-like mezzanine areas surfaced in flesh. Take the right staircase, turn right at the top, and follow the passage until you reach a lift lowering you into a wider, curved passageway. Follow the stainless steel steps to the right guard post, and collect the [blue key] blue key. Next, return to the curved passageway and look for a pink eye switch similar to the one you saw at the beginning of the episode. ▶ Hit it and a platform will rise under you, taking you to a (damaging) platform with megaarmour. Drop down, and you'll be back in the central area. This lift only works once.

Next, take the left staircase. Turning left at the top will lead you to the other guard post, while turning right will lead you to a pit of lava and blood and blood. ▶ Turn right and follow the left wall, and you'll find a hidden area with a soul sphere. ▶ Continue working your way around the pit, and you'll find platforms with a medikit and a BFG9000: The biggest gun in the game, introduced in this level.

4 ▶ Just ahead of where you fell into the pit, there's a broad platform overlooking an interior room. Go here, then take a hairpin turn down a connecting passage to a curved staircase. ▶ Follow this staircase to the bottom, and you'll find an invulnerability sphere. On the top landing, there's a way out.

You're now back in the room with the guy on a spike. Follow the passage right, then turn left and follow the steps to another outdoor area. On the left side of the room, opposite the blue door, is the only UAC-style switch in Hell. ▶ Hit it and some steps will rise, letting you get the megaarmour on the platform. 5 ▶ Now step onto the rear platform of the altar: A wall will lower in a niche across the room, revealing a computer area map. 6 ▶ There's a matching niche on the other side of the room, and this wall will lower if you stand close to it.

When you're done, head through the [blue door] blue door. The exit portal is on the other side.


E3M4: House of Pain


"House of Pain" may be the single most disturbing level of the game, thanks to its explicit depictions of eternal torture. The loop of music that plays throughout is "Sign of Evil," a melancholy piece further accentuating the overbearing sadness.

The upper layout of the map continues the "body horror" theme seen in "Slough of Despair," with rooms imitating the arrangement of human organs. Your player begins in the "throat." Collect the rocket launcher, and proceed to the "esophagus." Two rooms will branch out to the left and right, resembling lungs in the overhead layout. ▶ Enter the right room, and look for a misaligned panel in the back corner that hides a shotgun and other items. Next, enter the left room and follow the walkway over the blood through a door where you'll find a Berserk pack and megaarmour. The rear wall will open, exposing additional items and an enemy. 1 ▶ A teleport in the blood leads to a secret, albeit empty, room.

Continue up the stairs through the door to the "stomach." You'll find yourself in an outdoor area with two crushing cylinders inexplicably floating in midair. Carefully walk between the cylinders to the switches in back. ▶ The left switch raises a platform under the left crusher, letting you pick up an invulnerability sphere. ▶ The middle switch does the same for the right crusher, giving you a chaingun. Stepping too close to either cylinder will cause it to turn on, deactivating the switch that controls it and preventing you from picking up the bonus items underneath. And if you fall under a cylinder before the switch is activated, you'll be crushed with no way to escape.

Hit the right switch: A door will open in the niche to the right. It leads to a hall overlooking multiple people who have been crucified, mutilated, hanged by their ankles, and tortured over a pit of blood. A facing wall will open, revealing a pink demon and items.

The hall continues beyond the torture chamber, forking into three linear branches. The left fork leads to a pair of doors; one conceals bonus items, and the other is a trap requiring a switch through a second door to escape. Fetch the [blue key] blue key in the right fork, then head through the [blue door] blue door at centre to a short corridor with doors straight ahead and to the left. Take the left door if you want goodies: You'll find an invisibility sphere in the first room and health bonuses in the second. The third room will have doors in all four directions: 2 ▶ Take the left door and open the back wall to find a secret area with energy cell packs and rockets galore. ▶ Take the back door and open the baron portrait to get a soul sphere. 3 ▶ Take the right door and fall into the pit to get a BFG9000. Hitting the switch will raise a platform to get you out.

Return to the main corridor, and follow the rear door through to a corridor with a red square and blue square on the floor. The door behind is two layers thick, and getting it open requires solving a small puzzle: Walk over the left edge of the blue square to release one door, and walk over the back edge to release the other. ▶ Meanwhile, the front edge of the red square triggers a door hidden to the side, unleashing a pink demon and revealing some bonus items.

The final passageway leads to another puzzle. There are four niches with opening doors, and two columns with skull switches that operate them:

To open up the entire area, hit the front and left switches on both columns. Fetch the [yellow key] yellow key and open the [yellow door] yellow door, then fetch the [red key] red key and open the [red door] red door. Be forewarned, however, that three of the niches contain ambush doors. Rear ambushes open in tandem with the front niche doors and vice versa, so you may wish to open and close the doors one at a time on higher difficulty levels.

Once you've cleared the last door, follow the passageway past the series of niches. 4 ▶ The third niche contains a hidden door with a radiation shielding suit...handy for traversing the second half of the passage. ▶ A backpack may be found in the last niche to the right. ▶ Once you're on the platform, flip the switch and turn around: A door will have opened, revealing a switch-operated inner barrier hiding some megaarmour. Now drop to the lower platform, and look for a door with a "tekwall" texture. The exit teleport is just beyond.


E3M5: Unholy Cathedral


The Unholy Cathedral features a layout reminiscent of Eastern Orthodox architecture, with a nave and transept of nearly equal length. It is encircled by a series of aisles and connecting rooms that provide access to chapels and teleports. The centre of the structure stands roofless apart from an inner chamber.

Approach the dark and ominous structure before you. The narthex is divided by enormous buttresses into four sections, one of which opens to a lava room. Enter through the leftmost section, underneath the poor souls being tortured. 1 ▶ The left wall of the vestibule that follows is a secret door leading to bonuses and a light amplification visor. (Step onto the platform with the visor in order to register this secret.)

On the opposite side of the vestibule you were in is a door. Go through, and you'll see two more doors in the corner that connect to aisles completely encircling the structure. 2 ▶ Take the left door, walk past the red columns, and look for a door to the left leading to a small chapel with a soul sphere and plasma gun. The rear niche contains a skull switch, which reopens the door.

Return to the room with the red columns, and go past the small maze area. Two doors on the north wall lead to a connecting room with an opening in the northwest corner. Follow this passage to a toxic trough, and walk over it: A portcullis will open, leading to a red-hot room with a damaging floor. 3 ▶ Look for two symbols on the wall resembling blue tuning forks: There's a hidden door in the space between, leading to a radiation shielding suit. Take the teleport in the north end. You will transported to the inner chamber in the cathedral's centre. 4 ▶ The south "pedal" will open, revealing the [yellow key] yellow key.

Explore the central area of the cathedral. The wall of the east transept contains a fiery inscription resembling the word "flo." 5 ▶ Just to the right of the "flo" is a hidden door with a soul sphere and chainsaw. (Though the doorjamb is unmarked, this secret requires the yellow key.) Baron portraits decorate the north and south ends of the nave, although there are no Barons on most difficulty levels. Each corner of the transept contains a bank of teleports.

At this point, it's easy to get confused or stuck. Here are some points that will help you through:

With this knowledge in tow, let's find our way around. Take the northeast teleport to the square room. Collect the invisibility sphere and berserk pack, and step through the right door to the cathedral's north aisle. Follow this aisle to the red column with the pass-through, and stand in it to activate the portcullis to a torture room. Three of the crushers in this room contain skull switches that let you obtain items:

Grab everything you find, then retreat to the north aisle: An ambush room will have opened there. 7 ▶ Follow the aisle right, and feel around for a hidden door at the last bend: It will reveal a secret room filled with toxic slime, and a short passageway overlooking the hot room you were in earlier. (Stepping on the top landing of the passage is necessary to register the secret.) 8 ▶ Hang a U-turn and follow the aisle back to the opposite end, go through the right door in the corner, and step onto the teleport. Sure enough, you'll be transported back to the centre of the cathedral...and the north "pedal" will open, revealing some medikits.

The last two "pedals" require retracing your steps through areas you've already been, over and over. 9 ▶ First take the northeast teleport to the square room, take the left door, follow the length of the east aisle, and go through the right door onto the southeast teleport. The east "pedal" of the inner chamber will open, revealing health bonuses. 10 ▶ Once that's done, take the northeast teleport to the square room to the left door to the east aisle again, but take the left door at the end. This leads into a lava room. Take the facing door on the right, follow the south aisle around its loop, and take the right door onto the southwest teleport. The west "pedal" will open, revealing an invulnerability sphere.

Go through the northwest teleport to the square room to the left door to the east aisle yet again, and look for the [blue door] blue door on the left. Here you'll find the exit portal...and a final hidden area. ▶ Carefully approach the door on the back wall with six skulls: It will open, revealing a room with a sunken platform. A barrier will lower behind, trapping you as enemies teleport in. But off to the side, you'll find a door to a side room with a BFG9000 and a switch that retracts the barrier. Now you can exit the level satisfied!

The yellow key is not required for completion. Indeed, if you're feeling impatient, it's possible to complete this level in under one minute without entering the cathedral's central area at all. Just follow the aisles and connecting rooms clockwise to the torture room, nab the blue key, take the teleporter, and head straight for the blue door. But what's the fun in that?


E3M6: Mt. Erebus


Mt. Erebus is a large and open level, with the player traversing an island surrounded by lava on the surface of Hell. You can start by entering the glowing building before you...although there isn't much in it, other than low-level enemies and a few health items at the top. Off to the right of your starting position, you'll see a squat building off in the lava covered in a pattern of skulls. The niche in the back conceals the entrance, with a backpack and radiation shielding suit inside.

Dash back to the main island, and look for an overgrown altar with steps and green torches. The panel at the top is an opening door, and there are two teleports inside that transport you to platforms behind the structure. ▶ The left one will net you a box of shotgun shells. 1 ▶ The right one gives you a plasma gun and energy cell pack. ▶ A wall on a nearby blue structure will lower as you step off, revealing a second radiation shielding suit.

Just left of the altar, you'll see a green marble temple with imps jailed in caged compartments. The [blue key] blue key will be found here on lower difficulty levels. Head inside, and collect the Berserk pack. 2 ▶ At the candle on the right wall, there's a hidden door covering an energy cell pack. ▶ There's a companion door hidden by the candle on the left wall, concealing a teleport.

Take the teleport, which transports you to a blue pool on the north end recessed under the surface of the lava. 3 ▶ Run onto the pillar to collect the chainsaw, then run into the red box to teleport into the three-winged building. You start in the north wing: The [blue key] blue key may be found in the south wing on higher difficulty levels, while the west wing contains a switch that open an exit route. ▶ Around the blue pool, three red structures will have opened up: One with a radiation shielding suit and a computer area map, one with a radiation suit and a soul sphere, and one with just a radiation suit. Once you've teleported into the three-winged building, the chainsaw pillar will rise out of reach.

Follow the shoreline counterclockwise, and an ambush in the lava will open revealing a second soul sphere and a pair of Cacodemons. Proceed to the grey wall ahead, and go up the stairs: ▶ There's a platform on the other side with a whole array of goodies, including three weapons and an invulnerability sphere.

In the centre of the island, there's a C-shaped structure with skulls stacked within. ▶ Entering the bowl will cause two ambush doors in nearby pillars to open, revealing a second invulnerability sphere.

South of the "C," you'll see a walkway leading out to a platform with ammo and armour bonuses. The walkway will disappear as you walk you may wish to grab one of the radiation suits beforehand.

Regular exit

Grab a radiation shielding suit or invulnerability sphere, and wade across the lava to a passageway set into the grey wall west of the three-winged building. The passage leads to a [blue door] blue door, and the exit.

Secret exit

Make sure your health is at 100% (or grab an invulnerability sphere), then head to the green temple and take the teleport hidden in the left wall. Once you're on the platform in the blue pool, look right: The platform you're on has a narrow extension that wraps around to the north side, overlooking a blue box with a skull switch below. 4 ▶ Line yourself up with the box, turn to face the wall, and shoot your rocket launcher. If all goes well, you should end up in the box with a little bit of health. Hit the switch to end the level.


E3M9: Warrens


Hmm, weren't we here before? "Warrens" begins as an exact copy of "Hell Keep" (E3M1), with an identical layout and item placement.

Since you've already played through "Hell Keep," you probably know what to do. Hit the eye switch that raises the platform. Walk to the red gate, and open it by pushing the left skull switch. Follow the left fork of the passageway until you reach a walkway landing in a pit of blood. ▶ Run to the other edge of the pit before the walkway collapses under you (picking up the shotgun along the way), and walk through the wall on the other side. Inside, find a passage that leads back to the first landing. ▶ If you fall into the pit, head to the wrinkle in the north wall: There's a passageway here that leads back to the landing, hidden by another one-sided holographic barrier.

Follow the passageway back to the fork you passed earlier, turn left, and open the door emblazoned with skulls. You're in another outdoor area decorated by a lonely tree. Go through the door on the opposite side, and follow the passageway to a room with red columns where bonus items are available. The panel with the horned head is a one-way door leading to the exit portal. 1 ▶ There's a hidden door on the left wall of the interstitial room, concealing a rocket launcher. Go through the following door

Then...the mindscrew begins. You activate the exit, expecting the level to end. Instead, the walls retract and you come face to face with a nightmare you thought you would never see again: A freaking cyberdemon, boss monster of Episode 2, lobbing rockets at your visage! Fortunately there's a soul sphere, invisibility sphere, and invulnerability sphere (and plenty of rockets to boot), so it isn't a hopeless battle. Collect the [blue key] blue key and power-ups, and head back the way you came. You'll encounter ambush areas that have opened up, and numerous monsters that weren't there seconds before.

▶ The room with red columns now opens out to a pool of blood: Follow this out, and you'll find a platform with a Berserk pack, chaingun, and radiation suit. The blue key is needed to open the connecting door, although it's unmarked. Further down the corridor, you'll encounter a newly-created area with a chainsaw and invulnerability sphere atop a switch-operated platform. Watch out for spectres! ▶ The outdoor area with the lonely tree now has a plasma gun in the corner of it, and the room with the blood pit now has a BFG9000 and radiation shielding suit in the southwest corner.

When you get back to the starting area, turn left and look for a passageway on the east wall. As soon as you enter, you'll teleport to the corner of a corridor filled with dozens of Cacodemons and zombies. The BFG may be handy, although infighting alone will reduce most of them in short order.

At the end of the east wing, you'll see the [red key] red key. But beware: As soon as you pick it up, a wall will lower and a Baron of Hell will be unleashed. What could be worse? ▶ Pick up the energy cell and a second wall behind will lower, unleashing three more Barons as a trap within a trap! You do get a soul sphere when you're done, though, so it's not all bad.

Follow the other wing of the corridor back out into the open, and open the [red door] red door now visible on the right side of the red gate. You'll find the exit within.


E3M7: Limbo


The "Limbo" level was originally intended to appear at the start of Doom's Episode 2 as the entrance into Hell. An unfinished version of the map appears in this position in a May 1993 development alpha. The final game is inconsistent with E3M7's title, referring to it as "Gate to Limbo" on the intermission screen but just "Limbo" on the automap.

▶ In the starting area, turn around and open the door behind you. You'll find a backpack of ammo. After you've fetched that, venture forth to the central pit of blood. There are portals on the east and west ends, bridged by a semicircular platform. Head left (west) and follow the corridor until it forks. Turn left and follow the left wall to a room with vertical columns. Pick up the [blue key] blue key in the corner of the room, then explore the central area. 1 ▶ There's a dark passageway with a trigger that opens an adjacent room, with an ambush and megaarmour. 2 ▶ On the south wall are two niches with skull switches; one of which requires wading into blood. Hit both of them: Four doors in a rough-hewn stone area to the right will retract, revealing a pentagram and a soul sphere.

Retrace your steps to the central pit, and follow the semicircular walkway over to the east side of the level. You'll come out in a room with [blue door] blue doors to the left and right. Take the left door, and proceed over the blood to the altar on the other side. As you do this, two ambush rooms to the rear will open and the bridge will disappear.

Drop into the pit in the middle of the altar. It will lead to a platform with four radiation shielding suits, and portals extending left and right into a maze. 3 ▶ Take the right (east) portal and turn right, then left, then follow the passage to reach a secret platform with a BFG9000. There's also a teleport that will transport you to the west side of the level, but don't take it: You're not done with the maze yet! Turn around, and backtrack to the platform you started on. For the next leg: Take the left (west) portal and follow it straight ahead to a platform with four more radiation suits (and three more ways out). Take the due north portal from here (second one on the right), turn left, go around the kink, turn right, then follow the passage until you see a teleport squarely ahead. Once again, do not take the teleport: Instead, take a left at the fork you see before it, and follow the passageway to a platform with a [red key] red key with a [red door] red door behind. Open the door, and hit the skull key. Now, turn around and take the teleport! You can get there by following the passage straight ahead. You'll come out in the room where you found the blue key.

There are six more red doors on the level surrounded by pits of blood, and you are going to visit every one. Fortunately, one of them is close by. Turn right and follow the left wall past the switches into a blood pit: You'll find an enclosure there with an open [red door] red door concealing a teleport. Take the teleport to a small room, hit the skull switch on the wall, and return.

Now head to the central pit of blood, and wade across to the door on the north face of the room: It opens to an irregular room with two enclosures, plus a platform with a few medikits and radiation shielding suits. Head to the left (northwest) enclosure, walk through the open [red door] red door, and take the teleport. It will transport you to the room in which the yellow key is located. Hit the skull switch, and a platform will rise. Return.

Next head to the right (northeast) enclosure, walk through the open [red door] red door, and take the teleport. You can now pick up the [yellow skull] yellow key. Now head to the central pit of blood: The [red door] red door is on the island in the middle, surrounded by medikits. Take the teleport to a medium-sized room where a bridge has risen, letting you reach the [yellow door] yellow door. Return.

There's still a section in the east part of the level we haven't explored. So, wade back to the central pit of blood, make your way to the room with two [blue door] blue doors, and take the one on the right. It opens into a room with yet another enclosure in the corner. 4 ▶ There's a narrow passageway jutting off from the right wall leading to a skull switch. Hit it and a gigantic lift will be activated on the opposite side of the room, revealing a second skull switch. Hit it and a platform will raise, letting you approach the enclosure and head through the [red door] red door and teleport. You'll land on the lower platform in the yellow key room, where you can scoop up a plasma gun and other bonuses. (You can also reach the platform by running to it from the platform with the yellow key.)

You now have all three keys. Head back to the central pit of blood and wade across to the island in the middle of it, helping yourself to the medikits. You'll find yet another [red door] red door and teleport. This will lead to a medium-sized room where a bridge has risen. Head through the [yellow door] yellow door on the opposite side, and hit the switch. A platform will move.

Head back to the west side of the map, and follow the right wall down a side passage to a pit of blood. You'll see an enclosure where you'll find your last [red door] red door and teleport. Go this way, and go through the [yellow door] yellow door. A bridge in the yellow key room will have lowered, allowing you to exit the level.


E3M8: Dis


You've made it through seven levels of Hell. You're prepared for the battle of your life.

Open the door, and follow the corridor out to the four-pointed arena. You'll find rockets and energy cells on the ledge that circles around. There's also a megaarmour and plasma gun stored in the enclosure at the centre of the map.

The next thing you see will be the Spider Mastermind: A mechanical arachnid with an enormous, exposed brain. It carries an integrated chaingun, so keep moving and avoid the line of fire. It's tough, but not nearly as tough as the Cyberdemon. A few well-placed blasts of the BFG9000 will work wonders. Once you've defeated the beast, the episode will automatically end.

Congratulations: You've beaten Doom, and escaped from Hell! Too bad the Earth is now an utter mess; but they needed a sequel hook anyway...


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