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Doom Episode 4 Walkthrough

The original 1993 release of Doom contained three episodes only. In 1995, however, a fourth episode was commissioned for the game's re-release as "The Ultimate Doom," set thematically and chronologically between the player's escape from Hell and Doom II.

As the staff of Id were preoccupied with Quake and Hexen at the time, the levels of Episode 4 were contributed by a large number of designers and are less cohesive than those of the original game. A few levels contain secret sector errors, leading to odd end-of-level statistics. At the same time, Episode 4 contains many of Doom's most dramatic, exhilarating, and atmospheric moments...and it's a worthy addition.

This walkthrough is focused on the objective of exploring all areas. Throughout the page, points to "official" secrets counted in the end-of-level tally, and ▶ points to other hidden areas.

E4M1: Hell Beneath


"Hell Beneath" is an unquestionably small level. Yet looks can deceive: There's a dearth of weapons and a plethora of Barons to be found, making it downright brutal in difficulty. You will run out of ammunition before you defeat every enemy on the map.

You start in a room with a parquet floor. Exit to the courtyard, and follow the platform to the inset area on the opposite side. There are two gargoyle switches: Hit the one on the right to lower a barrier.

▶ Drop into the toxic waste pool in the middle of the courtyard, approach the end of the platform, and hit the spacebar: It's a lift, and lowers to reveal a hidden alcove with rockets and a rocket launcher. 1 ▶ On the left wall of this alcove, there's a hidden door leading to a secret room with two teleports. Take the left teleport to be transported to an elevated platform with a medikit. ▶ You can also take the right teleport to a second platform, also with a medikit.

Go through the passageway opposite the red door. It leads to an area with a central battlement, moat, and perimeter walkway. Turn left to collect the health bonuses, then drop down and enter the battlement through the door on its north end. At the top of the stairs, there's a lift on the left with a shotgun and a windowsill you can escape from. Collect the chaingun and [red key] red key from the battlement's interior. ▶ Then, feel the north wall in the southwest leg of the structure: A hidden door will open, leading out to the perimeter walkway and a second set of health bonuses.

The level so far has been the easy part: Things are going to change in a jiffy soon. Return to the east courtyard area, and go through the [red door] red door into a dark room with baron portraits on the walls. The [blue key] blue key is hidden in an alcove in the back, behind a plated steel box. After you retrieve the key, a barrier will move, and spectres will begin teleporting into the room.

2 ▶ On the north side of the plated box is a floor sconce. "Open" the sconce and the plated box will lower behind you, revealing the Nine Inch Nails logo. (This is an Easter Egg, and Trent Reznor would go on to collaborate with Id on Quake.) Step onto the space around the "NIN" letters to register the secret (walking over the "N" due west from the east wall usually works)...but don't stay there for long. Multiple Barons of Hell will teleport into the room (four of them at bare minimum, even on the lowest difficulty level)...and unlike in past episodes, you don't have any good weapons to fight them with. Moreover, the room is booby-trapped: If you cross over the west edge of the logo, a wall will rise, trapping you and the Barons together. You can avoid this fate by following the outside edges of the room, or by simply running out as fast as you can over the barrier as it rises. Do not return to the alcove where you found the blue key: If you do, you'll get trapped inside the wall.

Once the wall in the NIN room has risen, you can lower it from outside by hitting the left gargoyle switch in the inset area at the south end of the courtyard...but you probably don't want to. Instead, follow the platforms to the [blue door] blue door on the west end of the map, and take the exit teleport.


E4M2: Perfect Hatred


"Perfect Hatred" was designed by John Romero, and completes the one-two punch of difficult starting levels in Episode 4. But oh, what a level it is...

You begin on an abutment with two staircases to nowhere, overlooking a lava pit. ▶ Drop down into the pit between the staircases, and you'll land on a radiation shielding suit. ▶ Turn right, work your way counterclockwise through the pit, and you'll find a soul sphere in an alcove. Escape out of the pit by taking the staircase on the southeast end, which leads back to the starting area.

Run up the left "staircase to nowhere," land on the pillar beyond, and hit the satyr's face on the right. A door will open on the wall it faces. Run across the gap through the door, and fall into the pit on the other side: You'll land on a platform next to a radiation shielding suit, and a lion switch. Hit the switch; A perimeter walkway will rise. If you're fast, you can run backwards and catch the platform as it rises, saving yourself a few steps...but if not, there's a way out. Collect the radiation suit to activate the trigger for a door, then take the staircase just right of the stimpack on the lava floor. It leads to an elevated area with a Baron of Hell: You still don't have much firepower, but you should be able to defend yourself from the stairs. 1 ▶ The left wall of the niche with the teleport contains a hidden door leading to a secret area with a Berserk pack. ▶ This area, in turn, has a hidden door on the right that leads to the back of the teleport. Taking the teleport from this direction will bring you to a hidden platform with rockets and megaarmour. Aim for the right edge of the blue skull pillar as you take a leap out, and you should avoid falling into the lava pit below.

Run across the gap to the central pillar, then turn right and run across the gap to the room you were in earlier. Take the perimeter walkway around to the platform with the green torches, grab the plasma gun and [yellow key] yellow key...and be careful. A Baron of Hell (or Barons, as the case may be) will appear. Follow the walkway to the opposite edge of the room, where an alcove has opened up. ▶ The left edge of the alcove conceals a hidden door over a skull switch. Hit the switch, and a platform will rise connecting the four pillars in the central lava pit. Venture out into this area, and hit the [yellow door] yellow switch: An enclosure just north of it will rise, revealing a rocket launcher and a bridge. As you pick the launcher up, you'll hear a growl in the distance. Haven't you heard that sound Episode 2?

Follow the bridge beyond the rocket launcher to the opening in the east wall, drop down into the cave (watching out for spectres), and find your way to the staircase on the south end. This leads to a platform with an alcove, in which you'll find yet another Baron of Hell (yikes!) and the [blue key] blue key (yay!). Take the teleport back to the starting area when you're done.

You're now ready to make your way to the rear platform. Follow the "staircase to nowhere" to the central pillar, go up the steps, and open the [blue door] blue door. You'll find medikits, rockets, radiation shielding suits...and an alcove with a Cyberdemon. Fortunately, it's constrained by a waist-high fence. You can run to the room behind the platform, and lob rockets and plasma at the corner of its enclosure. 2 ▶ There's another way to defeat it that's even easier: Drop down to the central pillar again, where a teleport has opened. The teleport will cause you to land directly on top of the Cyberdemon, killing it instantly. A BFG9000 is located in its enclosure, and the waist-high fence can be lowered from inside like a lift.

You may exit the level by hitting the switch in the niche on the back wall.

Secret exit

When you lower the waist-high fence next to the BFG9000, it also lowers the door to a hidden portal on the west side of the lava pit. Drop into the pit, and follow the right wall until you find an alcove in the corner. 3 ▶ Step inside, and you'll find the secret exit switch. This door closes after three seconds, so you'll have to RUN if you want the chance to see it at all.

This is by far the most difficult of Doom's secret exits to get to.


E4M9: Fear


"Fear" is an open, arena-type level that appears to have been designed primarily for multi-player Deathmatch play.

You begin on an outdoor platform surrounded by inaccessible walkways. You'll find some UAC crates to the right with items on top. Walk up the stairs, and enter the fortress. You'll find yourself in a room resembling an altar, with two satyr switches left and right: These will retract barriers, opening up the surrounding walkway to the platform you started on. A door on the back wall opens to a massive ovoid room with wooden platforms and a central cage over a pit of water. A rocket launcher is located on a pillar in the centre, that doubles as a lift. The central cage contains medikits and may be accessed through platforms on the side; hit the skull switch in the middle to lower the barriers from within. Health and armour bonuses may be found in the far side of the pit, and a lift to get out may be found at the south end.

The ovoid room is encircled by a passageway visible through windows on the back wall. Take the door on the right (west) side of the room, hang a right up the stairs, and continue until you enter an observation post with steel bars in back. 1 ▶ Take a hairpin turn to your right: There's a hidden door on the wall concealing a Berserk pack.

The steel bars behind you contain three lifts that connect the upper observation area to a lower platform opening to the semi-enclosed walkway you saw at the start of the level. Go this way, follow the walkway to its northeast corner, then face south through the gaps in the wall: A long, thin platform extends before you, leading to a plasma gun. An identical platform in the northwest corner leads to the [yellow key] yellow key. If you fall off either platform, there's a teleport in the pit below that will transport you back to the ovoid room...however this takes you out of your way, so try to keep your balance on the platforms if you can!

North of the area where you found the yellow key, you'll find another outdoor area with moats surrounding a Roman temple. There are five teleports to be found here: One in each corner of the lower moat, and one at the centre of the temple. There are a few items to be found, but don't bother with the teleports unless you want to travel in circles. Instead, take the doors in the northeast or northwest corners of the central area: These lead to another perimeter walkway leading to a pair of [yellow door] yellow doors, and a teleporter that will transport you to the south edge of the map. 2 ▶ Go through either yellow door, follow the passageway to the switch, then look at the panel on the facing wall: There's a hidden door and secret area, with a backpack of ammunition hiding within. Flip the switch on the wall, and you've finished the level.

E4M3: Sever the Wicked


You begin on an elevated wooden platform, underneath a blazing dusk sky. ▶ Hit the skull switch on the pillar just ahead of you: An extension to the platform will rise behind you, allowing you to access ammunition and an invulnerability sphere. Drop down to the concrete platform, where you'll find plenty of items around the grounds to collect. ▶ To the right of the cellar stairs on the east end, you'll find a narrow ledge between the building wall and lava pit leading to an invisibility sphere.

Enter the cellar. The first room you step into has a staircase at left. Take the flight up, turn left into the corridor that follows, then stop where the corridor turns right. 1 ▶ The left wall in this corner is a movable panel hiding a megaarmour, backpack, chainsaw, and other items.

Continue your way down the corridor. The door at the end opens into a large room where the red key is displayed. Unfortunately, you can't get it yet. Follow the stairs leading up to the left, and follow the passage to the end where you will find a plasma gun.

Return to the first room of the cellar, and this time follow the side staircase down. The passageway splits, then merges, then leads to a lift surrounded by blue torches. Look out for the Baron! ▶ The lift is surrounded by two niches and two upper platforms that contain may wish to collect these. Then, head through the teleport in the back: You'll emerge in another part of the basement. Walk to the lava pit on the opposite side of the room, and hit the lion switch: The pillar behind will lower, giving you access to the [red key] red key.

On the west side of the room, you'll find an inset area with red torches, a rocket launcher, and a seemingly-nonfunctional skull switch. (Two of the torches carry erroneous "secret" flags that are impossible to register in normal gameplay.) 2-20 ▶ Open the hidden panel on the right wall: It leads to a flight of stairs taking you to a hidden room with a soul sphere. (Due to a coding error, all 19 of the floor sectors in this passage are flagged as secrets.) ▶ Likewise, open the back wall: This will lead to a hidden teleport transporting you back to the starting platform.

From your starting point, follow the bridge over the lava pit through the [red door] red gate, and collect the [blue key] blue key. There are two lifts that will carry you to the lower platform...however, there's nothing to see down there. ▶ Instead follow the bridge back to the south side, and drop down into the area on the left: You'll find a hidden platform with a backpack, Berserk pack, and invisibility sphere.

Now it's time to get your feet hot. Drop into the lava pit, collecting the radiation shielding suit. Head right, and look for a [red door] red door opening into a lower interior area. Follow the staircase to the [blue door] blue door, and go through. You'll come out in an open concourse overlooking the level, with the exit teleport.

Due to errors made by the map designer in encoding sectors, the highest percentage of secrets on this map that can be achieved in normal gameplay is 90%.


E4M4: Unruly Evil


You begin in a small room illuminated only by a single torch. Open the door, take the lift in the next room, and follow the mezzanine to the left. ▶ The green torch at the end is a hidden switch that will lower the platform, revealing a hidden area. 1 ▶ Stay on the platform, wait for it to rise, and step off onto the landing directly ahead: You'll find a rocket launcher and a teleport transporting you to an outdoor area. Turn around, go through the door, and you'll be back on the mezzanine again. 2 ▶ Pull the green torch again, and this time when the platform lowers, go through the door on the left. You'll find a Berserk pack here, and a teleport transporting you to the corner of a subterranean passage overlooking the same outdoor area.

Explore the passage: To the left, you'll find health bonuses and a chaingun. To the right, you'll find a sunken lower area. Step on it, and you'll hear a barrier move.

▶ Open the door on the right that's emblazoned with skulls: It opens to a room of square pillars surrounded by lava, and there's an invulnerability sphere and soul sphere on a platform at the opposite wall. ▶ If you face the north face of the northeast pillar and hit the spacebar, you'll activate a lift that retracts into the floor. Step aboard: You'll be able to run across the pillars and access an alcove in the southwest corner with medikits. ▶ Facing out from the last alcove, run to the pillar that's second back from the front, second right from the west. Face the north edge, and hit the spacebar: A door in the north wall will open, revealing a teleport back to one of the secret rooms you were in earlier.

Walk back to the outdoor area, and head to the newly-opened door in the northwest corner: You'll find the [red key] red key here. Grab the key, and watch for an ambush. ▶ Next, head to the lava pit in the northeast corner: It opens into a hidden alcove with an invisibility sphere, and yet another teleport bringing you back to higher ground.

Open the [red door] red door on the north wall. It opens to a fortress-like area with recessed defence posts. Hit the gargoyle switch, and the platform to the barred exit will lower. Take the left teleport: You'll be transported to the left defence post, where you can hit a gargoyle switch that opens an ambush room on the opposite wall. Repeat the same procedure with the right teleport and right defence post. When you're done, a bar around the exit portal will have lowered. Fall through the hole in the floor to complete the level.


E4M5: They Will Repent


"They Will Repent" is an interconnected level with marble platforms and an eerie ambiance. It also just might be my favourite map of the game.

You enter the map at the top of a flight of stairs bisected by a river of blood. Take the stairs down, then go through the door and follow the platform over to the first door on the right. It will open to a second multi-level chamber. ▶ The column to the right is a lift: Lower it to get a box of rockets. Then, head across the blood river to the lift on the other side. The [red key] red key is on the upper platform.

Head over to the [red door] red door: It's opposite the key in the southwest corner of the chamber. 1 ▶ Once you're through, look to the left: In the shallow corner of the wall, there's a hidden door covering a secret area with stimpacks. Follow the passage to the lift, and take it down to a turret-like platform with a plasma gun. Drop down into the pool of blood: You'll find a radiation shielding suit, and a staircase leading up to a platform on the other side that contains the blue door. Go this way, and take a hairpin turn to the left: You'll see an embossed steel door on the wall, leading to a room that contains the [blue key] blue key.

As you fetch the key, a platform will lower, bringing you to a platform across yet another chamber. Follow it to the [red door] red door, and proceed into a room with bonuses in alcoves and a blood river on the right. ▶ Keep right, and take the second lift and staircase up to a red square on the third platform level. This is a teleport that will transport you to a nearby ledge, netting you a rocket launcher and other items.

Return to the area with the blood river along the wall, and look for a door in the northwest corner. This leads to a defence post with a second [red door] red door on the other side, opening to the blood pool you were in earlier. Follow the stepping stones across to the staircase once again...but instead of turning left at the top, turn right this time and follow the platform to the [blue door] blue door. This opens to a series of square pillars, followed by a lift.

▶ After emerging from the lift, turn right and run across the gap to the platform on the other side. This leads to a blood pool below the square pillars. Grab the radiation shielding suit and follow the passage west, and you'll find a soul sphere.

Back in the room that the lift lowered into, you'll see a staircase leading to a yellow door. Follow it down to the blood river, then look to the left: You'll see a panel with a gargoyle's head on it, which opens out into a small room with a teleport. 2 ▶ The left wall of this room is a hidden door covering a Berserk pack: Get it, then step onto the teleport. You'll emerge atop a narrow, winding platform leading to the [yellow key] yellow key. Carefully grab the key, then drop down into the blood below. ▶ There's an invulnerability sphere in the southeast corner of the pit. A teleport south of the yellow key platform will return you to the small room where you found the Berserk pack. Open the gargoyle door, and head to the [yellow door] yellow door: You can open it now.

There was one hidden item in the yellow key chamber that we couldn't reach: The BFG9000. To fetch this choicest piece of equipment, head back up the stairs and look for a window on the north wall. ▶ Run over the pit through the window: If you aim carefully, you can land on the rail below. Keeping your balance, follow the rail clockwise to the point where it connects to the platform carrying the BFG. Run over the gap, and grab the gun.

In nabbing the BFG9000, you've also scaled the edge of the platform where the exit switch is located. Which brings us to a dirty little secret about this level: You don't actually need the blue and yellow keys to finish it. If you're feeling impatient, look for a gap in the north railing of the platform where the blue key is,..and drop into the pit. You'll eventually come out at the window overlooking the exit switch.


E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly


Like "Perfect Hatred," "Against Thee Wickedly" is a complex vertically-oriented level by John Romero. It might be the most ambitious level of the entire game.

The player begins in a sparse and rocky outdoor area. A pathway beckons ahead, leading to a castle turret encircled by a lava moat. 1 ▶ A holographic panel exists in one of the crevices in the rock wall north of the moat, concealing a hidden area with megaarmour and a plasma gun.

Drop into the lava moat (there's a radiation suit there), follow it to the right, and look for a side platform. 2 ▶ There's a hidden door in the wall that will reveal an area with an invisibility sphere. ▶ Behind the sphere, look for steel plating in the right corner: This is a lift that will take you to a platform with a soul sphere.

Drop into the moat again, and retrace your steps past the platform you were on earlier. All of the platforms and passageways surround a central atrium with an elevated teleport in the middle, accessed by lifts on four sides. This teleport is actually four teleports in one, contingent upon the direction you approach it from: The east face of the teleport will transport you to a platform on the east side of the atrium, the south face of the teleport will transport you to the south side, and so on.

Drop down into the atrium's lava pit. (There's a radiation shielding suit here, but since you'll be coming back this way several times, you may want to save it for later.) Take the lift on the west face of the teleport...the same direction you came in from. You'll be transported to an elevated platform with a chaingun. Leap across the lava moat, and take the staircase to the top of the turret: You'll find the [blue key] blue key.

Our next destination is the north platform...and there's a back way in. Step into the lava moat, and look for the platform on the north wall mirroring the one you were on earlier. ▶ There's a hidden door in this one too, and it will take you to a tunnel through the rock. Look for a branch on the right with rockets and a medikit, then look for a second branch on the right ending at a steel panel...and be careful. ▶ This steel panel is a one-way door opening into a chamber with a Baron of Hell. Although there's a rocket launcher here, it may be better to use the plasma gun or BFG for your attack to avoid injury in close quarters.

Inside the Baron's chamber is a satyr switch: Push it, and the pedestal containing the yellow key will be lowered to the floor. Exit the room, and advance to the [blue switch] blue switch opposite the Baron's chamber: The bars in the niche will rise, revealing medikits, ammunition, and the [yellow skull] yellow key. ▶ You can walk through the rightmost window to an outdoor lava pit with a radiation shielding suit. 3 ▶ To get out, look for a pair of orange skull rocks on the opposite side: There's a hidden door tucked between, leading back to the rock tunnel you were in earlier.

The next platform we'll explore will be on the east side. Return to the atrium, take the lift on the east face of the teleport, and follow the torches and candles out to an area with yellow and red skull posts. As you approach the posts, a door will retract, revealing a teleport in the right wall leading outdoors. Take the teleport, drop into the lava pit, and look for the shed protected by the [yellow door] yellow door. There's a gargoyle switch on the wall inside: Hit it, and you'll hear something move. Now take the teleport in the middle of the lava floor: You'll be transported back to the east platform.

The yellow skull posts that blocked our way earlier are now gone. Run out the window onto the teleport: You'll be transported to a second platform jutting out into the east side of the atrium. Follow the torch-lined passageway to the [red key] red key. As you fetch the key, you'll hear platforms rise. Return to the atrium. There'll be a Cyberdemon on the south end, shooting rockets at you. That's the second one you've seen in Episode 4 so far! Defeating it from this vantage point won't be easy, so it may be best at this point to focus on collecting power-ups and bonus items instead.

The east, north, and west platforms are now connected by walkways. Follow the walkway to the other east-side platform, drop down into the lava pit, find the shed protected by the [red door] red door, push the lion switch, and take the teleport back. ▶ The red skull posts are now gone, revealing a ledge accessible from the right window that contains a Berserk pack, a BFG9000, and a teleport that transports you to the south platform at the Cyberdemon's feet. ▶ Before you fight, there's one more item you may want to fetch. Drop down into the atrium again, head to the lift on the west side...and after emerging on the platform, look for a doorway on the south wall of the elevated lava pit. This leads to an outdoor area with a backpack and invulnerability sphere in the corner, protected by red skull posts. Grab it, take the passage back to the atrium, take the lift on the south face of the teleport...and give the Cyberdemon everything you've got! You'll find a second invulnerability sphere on the platform. Once you've vanquished the foe, the bars behind will rise, exposing the portal to the exit.


E4M7: And Hell Followed


Follow the wood-panelled corridor to the crossing. Turn left up the stairs, then turn right at the satyr to be led to a room with skull pillars and a chainsaw. Backtrack down the upper corridor, and follow it to a panel with a gargoyle. The panel will abruptly disappear, revealing a large room with blood pits, baron portraits, and a west area with columns open to the sky.

As you enter the room, two platforms in the corners will rise, exposing a rocket launcher. Pick up the [red key] red key between the columns. Next, head down the stairs and open the baron portrait on the opposite wall: You'll find a computer area map. Walk back up the steps, and take the first teleport on the left: You'll be transported to a dark corridor with crushers and a lift on the far end connecting to the upper corridor you were in earlier. This places you in line with a long staircase. Follow it down, and open the satyr panel on the end: It leads to a room with megaarmour and a backpack. To the left of the satyr door is a lion door: Open it, and an ambush will open directly behind you. Follow the dark staircase down to an even darker room that wraps around, and hit the lion switch on the wall. A pillar will lower, revealing a soul sphere. Collecting the sphere will cause a trigger to go off, revealing yet another ambush behind it...along with the [blue key] blue key.

Find your way back to the lower corridor, turn left, and follow the corridor to a gargoyle panel. It will abruptly disappear like the panel in the upper corridor did, revealing a room with a cross-shaped skylight, chaingun, and Berserk pack. The door to the left leads to a platform overlooking the yellow key. Follow the door to the right, and proceed to the top of the stairs. Since you have the blue key, the baron panel at the centre of the columns now functions as an opening door, revealing a large teleport within. Follow this teleport to collect the [yellow key] yellow key.

Although not marked as such, the lion doors at the south end of the map require the yellow key. Head down the steps and take either lion door on the right, following the passage to an elongated room with a baron portrait on the floor. 1 ▶ Hit the skull switch on the wall to open a secret alcove in the east staircase containing megaarmour. This alcove contains additional skull switches that simply open the yellow doors. Head back to the elongated room, and walk into the niche opposite the switch: Two sets of bars will rise from the floor. 2 ▶ The panel on the back wall is a secret door leading to medikits. ▶ You'll also find a nested secret door on the left wall of this area, covering an invulnerability sphere. (The sectors under the sphere carry erroneous "secret" flags that are impossible to register in normal gameplay.) You'll have a Baron of Hell (or if you're truly unlucky, a Cyberdemon) to fight...then you're ready to escape from the wooden maze.

Find your way back to the central corridor where you started the level, and exit through the unmarked red door on the north end. It opens to an outdoor courtyard encircled by battlements. If you'd like to enter the east battlement, drop into the pit of toxic waste, follow it to the right, and take the lift: You'll find a plasma gun. Next, drop into the pit again and follow it in the opposite direction: You'll run into a marked [red door] red gate, then a lift carrying you into the west battlement. Hit the skull switch at top: Its enclosure will retract, revealing a Baron of Hell and a second, inner switch that activates two platforms. Grab the rocket launcher in the windowsill, drop down, and enter the gazebo-like structure at the centre of the courtyard. A switch will rise from the floor, letting you end the level. ▶ You can also cross the bridge to the other side, where there are health and ammunition items hidden under the crushers.

The blue and yellow keys are not necessary to complete this level of the game. Also due to errors made by the map designer in encoding sectors, the highest percentage of secrets on this map that can be achieved in normal gameplay is 50%.


E4M8: Unto the Cruel


This is it, folks: The end of Doom. What surprises could the final boss battle yield?

You begin in an marble-walled outdoor area encircled by blue torches. 1 ▶ To the left are three hanging corpses. Approach the one in the middle, and press the spacebar: A secret compartment to the left will open, revealing a chaingun. Take the stairs down, and hit the skull switch on the wall: A one-way door will open, revealing a semicircular arena with a circular structure at centre surrounded by a lava pit. Follow the semicircular walkway right to the baron portrait, and open it: It'll reveal rockets and the [red key] red key.

Walk over to the circular structure in the middle of the arena. ▶ The east face conceals a hidden door, concealing a zombie and medikit. Open the [red door] red door on the north face of the circular structure (a Baron of Hell will pop out), and hit the skull switch behind it: A platform will rise, connecting the structure to a niche on the west wall. ▶ You'll find a second hidden door on the west face, with the same contents as the first.

Follow the semicircular perimeter walkway to the other baron portrait, on the south end: It opens to a teleport, taking you to a separate outdoor area with twisted trees and a blood river. You'll find a plasma gun in the far left corner. Walk up the staircase into the right battlement, and turn right at the top: It leads to a spring with 14 retractable pillars, each of them with an item on top.

Return to the battlements, and follow the walkway north and west to a lift operated by a skull switch. This brings you to a wood-panelled interior area. Take the staircase up, and follow the passage to the left to find a soul sphere. Return to the level where you entered, collect the [yellow key] yellow key from the platform, then look for the misaligned wall panel behind it: ▶ This panel is a hidden door with a teleport, leading to a ledge with an invisibility sphere. Drop from the ledge and follow the right wall, and you'll be taken to a teleport transporting you back to the arena with the circular structure.

Open the [yellow door] yellow door on the south face of the circular structure, and hit the skull switch behind it. A set of stairs will pop up, letting you access the door in the west niche. Enter the door. You'll find yourself in a wood-panelled area with a parquet floor, not far off from the room you started the episode in. What kind of diabolical demon-spawn has Hell sent this time to stop you in your tracks?? It's time for the battle to commence!!

Enter the arena...and get ready for the anticlimax to begin. To fight you in the last battle of Doom, Hell has sent...the Spider Mastermind. Again. Or maybe her weaker sister. In an arena with plenty of places to hide and plenty of power-ups available, she's practically a pushover. ▶ There's a BFG9000 behind a hidden door on the back wall, if you need it. ▶ There's also a hidden door on the east wall with a superfluous teleport.

After the spider's defeat, a portal will open in the middle of the floor. Fall through, and you're back to Earth...alive, avenged, and ready for Doom II.

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